He prayed every day for Protestants but never made personal attacks on them


St Robert Bellarmine

Celebrated on September 17th

A Cardinal , born during the Reformation at Montepulciano, Tuscany, in 1542, St Robert was a poet, musician and public speaker. In 1550 he became a Jesuit and taught classics in Piedmont and Florence for several years. He was ordained priest at Ghent in 1570.

Robert lectured on Aquinas’ Summa Theologica at Louvain and attacked Protestant opinions on free will. He also wrote a Hebrew grammar during this time. In 1576 he was appointed professor of theology at the Roman College. His lectures were the basis of his famous Dissertation on the Controversies of the Christian Faith. This work was a complete defence of Catholic teaching and became very popular. It was banned by the British government. Robert completed many other projects.

In 1592 he became rector of the Roman college, he was made provincial of Naples in 1594 and cardinal in 1598.

Robert lead a very ascetic personal life, living on bread and garlic, giving everything he owned, even the curtains from his apartment to the poor. In 1602 he became archbishop of Capus and was very involved in pastoral and welfare work.

He resigned his see in 1605 to become prefect of the Vatican library and an active member of several congregations.

His moderate views on the temporal powers of the papacy lost him the favour of Pope Sixtus V. He was sympathetic to Galileo but urged him to be cautious as he propounded his theory that idea that the earth was not the centre of the universe.

As an old man he withdrew from public life, and wrote several devotional books. St Robert wasn’t very tall but he had a huge intellect. He prayed every day for the Protestants but never made personal attacks on them. He died in 1621. In 1930 he was canonised and the next year he was named a Doctor of the Church.


Pray for us indeed, that we practice your holy self-restraint in the CAF forum.


The Jesuits have had many intellectual giants, with Bellarmine among their greatest, and they have long formed the minds of young men, but I doubt that he joined at eight years old and started teaching . . .


hawk, a graduate of Bellarmine College Preparatory


It is a typo. He entered the Roman Jesuit novitiate in 1560, remaining in Rome three years. He then went to a Jesuit house at Mondovì, in Piedmont, where he learned Greek. While at Mondovì, he came to the attention of Francesco Adorno, the local Jesuit Provincial Superior, who sent him to the University of Padua.


If we dare say the LORD’s prayer, I think we’re praying for all people – forgive US our trespasses – all of us, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, etc.


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I doubt that he joined at eight years old and started teaching . . .


Well spotted Hawkeye. :smile:


I assume (OOPS) that you are a Protestant. Such, have called our Catholic Church to accountability. In Catholicism, we have all the Protestant beliefs that come from the Bible. We believe in Purgatory and you don’t. Google Purgatory belief. They list the verses where we get that theology. Trinity isn’t in the Bible but it is defined from scripture verses. The same w Purgatory. Now, Im counting on going to heaven! Then, there are days, I wouldn’t want, to send me,to heaven. Communion was hardly given and masses performed infrequently, in the far past. Present day, For Protestants, they dont do communion every Sunday b/c of a fear of complacency. Luther was a monk and shook the church up. (Justifiably) The Roman Church acknowledges his correctness on some of his complaints.
Then, there is ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED. God will tell us on the other side. I’m tired, so I can’t comment on our differences.
I left Catholicism for awhile. It was always cute when they’d pray for the POOR CATHOLIC FRIENDS, OF THEIRS, DOWN THE STREET. HMMMM…
Our SELF-RESTRAINT! It always frustrates me if my church starts w “only Catholics can get to heaven!” OR we are the One, True Church. The central theology and choice of worship format=the mass, is Gods preferred format! DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME!
I know so many holy, Christlike Protestants. Their crowns glow on their earthly heads. We had some bad Popes! Google bad Popes. Our scandals today!!! Self Control?!?
All denominations have good teachings and sinners. What makes certain years holier years? God will judge. Protestants martyred while in the mission fields!!! God bless them. Angels protect our missionaries and religious.
God loves us all! It’s our love for Him, He desires w the CIRCUMCISION OF THE HEART…,
In Christ’s love


Why do you assume that @Dan_Defender is a Protestant ?


I am NOT a Protestant. I am a member of the Catholic Church, the only true church that can trace its origin back to the Apostles and Jesus himself.


After Rob 2 added St. Robert Bellermine’s Hx,
Dan had that statement above.
I thought Dan was a Protestant being indignant about a Catholic Saint praying for him.
I apologize. I’m ecumenical. It’s not a bad thing to be a Protestant serving and loving God. They miss out on our Eucharist but do lots of wonderful things.
Loving Lord, your Church is great and mighty, full of souls loving You and serving You. Trying to follow Your will for them. Holy Spirit, make clear the way. Bring us together in love. Keep ya humble where we are. In Jesus name


Check the profile :sunglasses::pray::dove:


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