He really IS watching over us <3


So, last night, trip out on this…

Last night I’m up, as usual, with my insomnia…messing around on this website as a matter of fact…and, its like, 1 AM?? I rub my eyes, get up to go to the bathroom…walk down the hall ((the house is dark)) and as I walk into the bathroom I glance over to the right, my bedroom door is open and my daughter is sprawled out all over the bed, snoring as usual…the bedroom window was open and the moonlight lit up the room a little…

well anyways as I walked past and into the bathroom I SWEAR I saw, like a dark, shadow…like there was something beside the bed by her, and as I walked by it looked like it quickly, swooshed away…LOL I have no idea how to describe something like that it was like a shadow that seemed to move once I looked over and seen it…I didnt stop, I just briefly thought I saw it walking by…I didnt stop, I walked into the bathroom, and the first thing I thought was…

"ohmahgawd I need to get off that darn catholic website already im going crazy’

so I sit down, handle my business…

but then like, I started getting this almost anxiety…like, you know that ‘impending sense of doom’ feeling??? my mind, i dont know if it was the insomnia or what, but it started wandering like, what if that was some sort of dark spirit or something?? all crouched next to my sleeping babe, whispering things in her ear!! how scary!! I heard that superstitition about letting moonlite fall on sleeping babies…what IF?? I dont even really BELIEVE in all that stuff…but what IF? what if she wakes up tomarrow and its one of THOSE days…


So I got up, walked over to her, and shes still snoring of course…I kneeled down, prayed beside her “Dear Lord, PLEASE, please watch over my baby, watch her in her dreams, give her happy dreams of beautiful things, let her wake up happy, watch over her”…that kinda thing…((I prayed in my mind btw, not outloud mind you)) then I leaned over, kissed her on her forehead…got up, closed the windows…

The next morning, I’m up…with my coffee, on the couch watching the news…

she stumbles out of the room, walks towards me all sleepy…rubbin her eyes…jumps in my lap to cuddle…

I tell her good morning my luv…she says good morning…

I tell her, 'how did you sleep last night babe??

She says, ‘good’

I tell her, ‘Did you have any dreams? what’d ya dream about?’

She says, ‘Angels’

My heart smiled <3


Awesome story!!


Your post gave me the shivers. :signofcross:


Wowsers! Thanks so much for posting that! It’s been a rough day and now it’s much better.


isnt that CRAZY!!! out of all the answers…princesses…flowers…eating cupcakes…lol…some might say a coincidence…

i know better <3


Awwww … That is so sweet!

Reminds me of a a couple of years ago when we all left to go to the grocery store and, when we came back, I realized that I had left a pot of boiling water on the stove. :ouch: I rush to turn it off when my daughter says to me, “It’s okay, Mama. The angels watched the house.”



Totally and completely awesome!! Thank you for sharing that! :smiley:


*I agree, that is a neat story, Charlotte! *


Cool story!

Something I got in the habit of doing when we moved into our new house last year, because we still haven’t gotten it blessed yet, is to Bless my sons before I go to sleep. Yea they have already been in bed a few hours but I go into their room to check on them, say a quick prayer myself (we say our prayers together before they go to sleep) then ask God to Bless them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I’ve rarely not done this in the past year but based upon your story I’ll have to note if I forget sometime and they get up all grumpy :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!


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