He said "Anybody is welcome to come receive Communion."

A good friend of my mothers travels a lot to different parishes in our Diocese when she is in that area (we have a big county). She started going to this one parish, an hour away from our home when she is in that area, because the priest is very Orthodox, and she in enjoys the Mass. There was a visiting priest there this past Sunday. When it came time to receive Communion the priest said, “This is normally something that only Catholics can participate in, but, I am inviting anybody to come up and receive Communion. Catholic or not.”

I am floored by this… Has anybody ever heard of this being okay? My priest will tell people they can come up for a blessing but tells them they are to cross their arms.

It’s not okay. The visiting priest (may God have mercy on him and open his heart and mind to the truth) appears to have a severe case of the “I know God’s mind better than my bishop or anybody else in authority so I’m going to do and say what I think best rather than follow some silly rule” itis that has sickened many, many priests/nuns/laity of modern times.

No it is not all right. It is 110% wrong. The Priest while perhaps meaning well and being ecumenically minded was flat out dead wrong. Peoiod

Sadly, it’s not the only place that’s going on – while visiting my parents in northern nj this christmas, the priest mentioned how Jesus would have wanted everyone, sinners and saints to eat with Him… {shudder} – the “music” was ridiculous (like something from Barney) and the sermon, dare I say it, sacrilige – I felt like I needed to go to another mass that day just to be on the safe side…lol – oh, I almost forgot the dainty little glasses they offered the consecration in…it was a difficult day; now I know why my parents abandoned the church 2min from their house to go 15min away

Oh my:eek: as a NJ resident:eek: I can understand where you are coming from (it does seem hard to find a good Parish…I dont know what DIocese you where in but some are better than others)…but rest assured we do have more orthodox churches around too:thumbsup:

I know - -they’re the ones my parents go to!! LOL! This one was in our hometown, we were visiting, and it was easier to get to for us “out of towners” – next time I’ll know better. This particular parish has gone down the tubes since this particular pastor has taken over…it’s sad, really; such a beautiful church, it’s where we got married.

This is an abomination…a personal and deliberate attack upon our Lord.

Report him immediately.

Just before Holy Communion, an announcement is made:

“Anyone who cannot now receive Holy Communion for any reason are invited to approuch the Altar and receive a blessing”!!!

I prefer that it be more detailed, but its a start at least.

Receiving the Eucharist is not something to be taken lightly. I find it offensive that an ordained priest would say such things. I mean, after all, any Catholic who receives their First Eucharist (whether as a child or an adult) must first go through necessary formation to understand what they are receiving (i.e. Real Presence).

Especially if I was an adult convert to Catholicism or going through a RCIA program, I would really question the need/purpose of such formation. I mean, after all, if non-Catholic XYZ is allowed to receive the Eucharist, then so should I.

This should be reported to the Bishop of your Diocese, IMHO.

I read a good article written by a priest. (Disclaimer: I am in no means condoning this, I just thought it was interesting.)

He said he was doing some premarital counseling with a couple whereas she was Catholic and he was protestant. I can’t remember what denomination.
Anywho, he asked what church they go to. The reply was that they go to both. He asked her if she receives the bread and wine at his church, she said yes. He then asked him if he receives communion at the Catholic mass and they siad Heavens no!!! He then asked him why not, he replied because it is forbidden because he is not Catholic. So the priest then says, “What do you believe you are eating at your protestant service?” The man said the body and blood of Christ.

The basis of the article was how it is perplexing that people who believe that is what they are receiving can’t receive at Catholic mass.

(My opinion is they should not because it is not in accordance with the catechism of the church)

Just thought it was interesting is all.

No, I’ve never heard of that! :eek:

:eek: even this happy Catholic can answer this question, wow. Maybe he has issues with the priest that is normally there and wanted to make some point.

I appreciate all of your responses. I think my mom’s friend’s letters are well known to our bishop, she writes him quite a bit because of different abuses she sees traveling to different churches. She also writes about what she sees that is right. He will know about this. It sickens me, and breaks my heart. I feel it is a deliberate attack. I knew it was wrong, but, I needed reassurance.

Oh my…what stopped her from jumping up and down yelling “NO THEY CAN’T!!!” :eek:


But you know what, there is a lot of this going around.

Roger Michael Cardinal Mahony
Sept 18, 2004
In a show of hostility against Church law, after the Denver Bishops’ meeting, Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony made it clear in a written statement to the media that he would not refuse anyone Holy Communion.

Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, O.P

Sept 10, 2004
"Everyone who can in good conscience say ‘Amen’ to the Eucharistic Prayer of the Catholic Mass may take Communion in a Catholic church."


Canon 844 (c.671 in the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches)

In keeping with the sacramental meaning of the Eucharist this canon reserves the sacraments to Catholics, that is, those who are in communion with the Church.


Imagine my shock at my dad’s funeral when the priest came to our pew to give us Communion and gave to my brother’s Jewish partner.:frowning:

He later told me that he hadn’t known what to do so he accepted.

I have seen this too.
The fact is, if you go to a parish when travelling, you can’t tell what you might find. Since mass is a requirement on sunday, I just would grin and bear it. But perhaps I am lucky in a way. I have seen so many abuses that my worship is not entirely disrupted when I meet such things.

The Eucharist is only for those who believe it to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. It’s called commUNION. I had a non-Catholic relative tell me she thought it was wrong that we not let her take communion. If it’s that important, become a Catholic. Jump in, the water is fine. About this priest. I would first go to him and respectfully tell him of the abuse. If he blows you off, go to the bishop.

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