He US is Raiding its Global Bomb Stockpiles to Fight ISIS


The anti-ISIS coalition has dropped more than 41,500 bombs, leading the Pentagon to borrow from stockpiles in other regions…


And how much of an effect is this having on Daesh? I feel as if it is a Hydra, when you cut one head off 2 more grow back in its place. But honestly I have very little intel on Daesh.


The US has so restricted its fighting forces by unrealistic terms of engagement, they have wasted fuel and flying hours with little or no effect on the outcome of any but the most serious battles. Now that their Special Forces are involved they may have more success, however waste of munitions is not seen as their biggest problem. Actually being given permission to use them by JAG officers is their major limitation to any successful bombing campaign.
Don’t blame their fighting forces who are some of the best trained and resourced in the world. Blame the lack of will of their pollies. This lack of confidence has trickled down from the top to affect all of US policy. Very sad.


Needs link to a news article


Article link defenseone.com/threats/2016/05/us-raiding-its-global-bomb-stockpiles-fight-isis/128646/

When we’ve dropped more bombs than there are enemies, I question the efficacy.

Are they just using this as an excuse to conduct practice drills?


Perhaps they want to use up the stockpile so they can buy new bombs and other weapon systems.


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