He was a runner for the Japanese mafia. Now he's a Catholic priest.


Amazing conversion story via Our Lady.

Awesome story. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

It is an amazing grace-filled conversion story.

A while back a friend loaned me a DVD of Father Donald Calloway giving his testimony. It was profound and humorous at the same time.

I have shown it to many people over the last few years, and still share it when I can. It is called “Extreme Mercy”.

My teenage grandchildren were riveted to the DVD from the moment it started.

My pastor has borrowed it…I know he will be impressed by it.

I say him on EWTN Journey Home was excellent witness.

Thank you for sharing.

That is an amazing story, and it makes me realise that I’ve perhaps let my own thoughts about the priesthood slide recently.

I have a DVD of Father Donald Calloway giving his personal testimony. It is called “Extreme Mercy”. Yes…it is quite a story! I have shown it to many friends and several of my teen grandchildren.

I didn’t know there was a DVD of Father Calloway’s testimony. I may have to find a copy and watch it :slight_smile:

I discovered that there is now an expanded DVD of Father Calloway[s testimony. It can be found here:


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