He who loves has God. He who does not love does not have God


God is with anyone of any denomination or religion if they have love. God is love so whoever has love has God.


this is true but that does not mean they know god. we are created in the image of god and god is love so we are all capable of love yet that does not mean we can “know” god without Jesus Christ. muslims Know of god and know his love but they cannot have the fullness of a loving relationship with god becuse they do not have jesus in there hearts. only christians can claim they know god everyone else can only claim to know of god.


What do you mean by this? Do you mean about Christians serving Jesus in each person they meet?


Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father but by him. It is only through jesus that we can call god father. it is through a relationship with jesus we have a father-child relationship with god so that we “know” him rather than "know"of him. the difference is as if you told me the life story of your cousin I would know all the things about this person but having never met him and conversed with him I could never say I knew him. it is the same. muslims belive god is mostly unknowable but christians know god becuse we know jesus christ and becuse we know jesus christ we know god as father.


How do you define knowing Jesus? What does knowing Jesus mean?


I’ll note natural love is not the same thing as supernatural charity.


What is the difference?


To know Jesus means “know” in the bibical sense of the word. The souls of all the faithfull make up the church the bride of Christ. when we repent the holy spirit enters our souls and lives there. It is akin to marriage which is the mirrior image of how god communicates with the human soul (which is female in structure though not nessasaraly in personality). We know god through prayer when we enter into our hearts (which is the throne of god in his temple) and speak to him and hear what he says to us. St. francis of assisi once said (i am paraphrasing don’t remeber the complete quote) “we are all hermits locked in the cell of our bodies that is why we are lonely so we must invite Jesus into our cells so we have someone to pass the time with” Getting to know jesus is not really any different than getting to know anyone else it is an ongoing life long development of friendship based in love but takes place in the spiritual in our hearts. Jews and muslims do not have the advantage of this kind of relationship with god. They love god, love his word, but they refuse to admit god into his temple by refusing Jesus Christ the only begotten son of god. so while they can say they know of god through faith, good works, the bible or koran they can not say they know god on the personal friendship level christians do. We call god father they call god, god.


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