Head Anglican archbishop makes final push to ordain women bishops

London, England, Oct 21, 2012 / 05:48 pm (CNA).- The outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is trying to persuade members of the Church of England’s upcoming General Synod to back the ordination of women as Anglican bishops, putting further strain on the theologically divided Anglican Communion.


First of all, I realize that this has to do with the Anglican church and I know this is the Catholic News forum but I felt that this forum was better for this type of thread than the World News forum.

Now, on to the topic of the article. I honestly feel like if Rowan Williams and other Anglican clergy continue to push the women’s ordination thing that this is going to drive more conservative Anglicans towards the Catholic Church. This could only be a good thing. However, it is also sad to see that the Anglican church is pushing away from orthodoxy.

Why would you think that? There was just the other day a thread about a Catholic woman being “ordained” which I no longer see here. I’d say a thread about Anglican women beng ordained belongs in the non Catholic subforum.

But irregardless, some conservatives Anglicans move to the Catholic Church and some liberal Catholics have moved to the Episcopal. :shrug:

Holly, after pondering it more, I’m concluding you meant you think this is Catholic News because you’re anticpating further growth in Catholic numbers as a result. But in that case to be fair, a thread about Catholics going to the Episcopal, Catholic priests becoming Episcopal priests, or Catholic women who feel a “calling” going outside the Catholic Church to be "ordained’, would also be Catholic News. Just in the other direction.

I’ve been following the Anglican Ordinariate for a while. I pray for its success at the end of every Rosary… so I like to keep up to speed on it. And, I would suggest from everything I’ve read that there’s no way that the Catholics becoming Episcopal is even close to the number of people moving the other way.

The Anglican Ordinariate in the U.S. has 22 different Churches in it now (or the last time I checked). And that’s just the U.S. one, not even the ones in the U.K. or Australia. Not to mention that the conservative “High Anglican” or Anglo-Catholic Churches had a much higher rate of attendance than the average Episcopal Church did. So… the Ordinariates are attracting those parish communities which are among the most active Anglican Churches.

I think a lot of atheists eventually became atheists because of Liberal Christianity. Why make an effort to be a Christian when your beliefs don’t call you to live any different than the average secularist?

Yes, it is sad what’s happened to the Anglican Church over the last century, but it should strengthen our resolve as Catholics that it is we, who have to keep a strong witness to the world for Christ. Clearly the Anglican Church has a much weaker witness for Christ than it once did.

I don’t spend a lot of time following whose growing and who’s getting fewer. I figure Christ said few will enter whatever that ends up meaning. So I don’t bother concerning myself much with the ebb and flow of numbers. But as a mainine-liberal Christian, I am called to Christ my Savior and my Lord. So I can’t relate to becoming an atheist. Peace along your faith walk and God’s blessings to you always along your journey.

If he pushes this expect to see more Anglicans become Catholic under the ordinariate

Well, I think it’s important to be informed of what’s going on in the world, so that I’m not in the dark. Christians don’t only need to practice their faith, but need to know their enemy, to know the challenges which confront that faith. We can’t only study Catholic orthodoxy… but how do we address trends of secularism? trends of a rising Islam? trends of a fall of established Protestant Churches and the subsequent rise of non-denominational-ism.

The best way to address any of that is to understand the mindset of these other groups. We can’t just know the Catholic mindset. Personally, I’m glad I know a lot of the background of what’s happening in the Anglican world, the Evangelical world, and even the Jewish world. But… obviously there are so many people whose mindset I don’t even remotely understand, so I need to keep doing my homework to understand where they are at spiritually. And how I can meet them there.

Peace be with you!

This shows that anything goes outside of the one true Church founded by Christ. It’s the reason why Jesus left the Church with a Pope.

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