Head Coverings (hats, scarfs, ect.) for Women, in Pros & Catholic Churches.

Years ago I can remember when All Women wore a “Head Covering” of some kind when in Church. This pertains to Catholic and Non Catholic a like.

Does anyone one know why or when the Prodesent Churches stopped doing this and why?

I noticed it fading out in the early 70’s. My wife started covering about 2 years ago, because she felt she should.

During Vatican II, which of course corresponded to a new level of feminism and independence for women, there was all sorts of speculation in the press about the Church’s requirement (last clarified in 1917) of head coverings for women. Imagine the times, Catholics glued to their TV sets or radios for the news at the end of each day, from topics as significant as contraception to as trivial as head coverings.

Cardinal Bugnini, an envoy, emerged and was bombarded by reporters asking questions of the day’s discussions. When head coverings was mentioned, Bugnini, understandably weary and irritated, replied along these lines: “What? We are not focused on such matters. It’s of no import. There are more serious things to discuss.”

This was instantaneously and broadly interpreted as a dismissal by Bugnini of the head coverings requirement. It was not what he meant to say, but language issues and vague wording contributed. It was front page news. There was such a sentiment at the time that head coverings were a sign of the oppression of women, that overnight they were virtually discarded. To this day there are Catholics who argue vehemently on both sides of the issue.

My fiancée in 1984 was an Anglican (who later became a Catholic). When we attended Mass together at my regular parish she wore a hat because that was what she was used to, and some friends of mine pointed out to me that when the saw this they knew straight away that she was Anglican.

So, in 1984 hats were still normal in the Anglican church, but not the Catholic.

If this Bugnini is “Annibale” Bugnini, he is widely reputed
to have been a Freemason. I understand that after V-II, he was sent by
Paul VI to be nuncio to IRAN, hardly a country with even a noticable Catholic population.
I would like to know whether there is any truth to the Freemason allegations,
because they are widely-published in books and on the internet?

As for women and head coverings, this was an apostolic teaching from the inspired scriptures, not a mere matter of culture, and the reason for it, according to Saint Paul,
in scripture, was that this was done (in all the churches) out of RESPECT FOR THE ANGELS. Why this was necessary to respect the angels in this manner is not clear to me, but if that was why God wanted it done, I doubt seriously that God or the Angels have changed their standards just because those influenced by feminism and by the media
have decided to no longer wear head coverings since the revolutionary 1960s.

They are still widely worn by ladies in African-American protestant congregations, and
sometimes their hats are quite elaborate and fancy, too.

I agree with Cardinal Bugnini whether it was what he really meant to say or not. :thumbsup:

I have sometimes worn a hat to church, but nothing like some of the older ladies have worn. Last time it was a beret. Or I suppose I could wear a baseball cap or cowboy hat. That’s about all the hat-like objects I have in my closet. Oh, and a bicycle or motorcycle helmet are possibilities, depending on my mode of transport, but those generally get left outside.

:thumbsup: for Rebekah, she has no problem with the veil…

(Genesis 24:64-65):
“Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac. She got down from her camel, and asked the servant, “Who is that man in the field coming to meet us?” “He is my master,” the servant answered. So she took her veil and covered herself.”

2 years ago this month the Lord drew me to the scripture in 1 Corinthians 11 about the womans headcovering. The way I understood it was that Christ is the man’s head and man dishonors Christ if he prays in church with his head covered. Man is the head of woman and she dishonors man if she prays in church with her head uncovered. Not to mention where it talks about respect for the angels. I still haven’t figured that one out either.
At the time we were involved in a Charismatic church, about 100-150 people attending, and very modern to say the least. I think the pastor was a bit uncomfortable when I started covering as there were no other women doing so and still none that I know of. My husband and I were on 4 worship teams at the time and this was very uncomfortable for me as we were right up on stage and being new to covering it took me out of my comfort zone.
I had women tell me that I didn’t need to cover that it was only the culture at that time and the pastor said the same thing. But if it was the culture at that time then why did it say to do so because of the angels? God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change.
I can’t say I’ve been faithful to covering the entire 2 years. I have for the majority of that time but my pride and vanity rise up and there are times I don’t want to wear it because I don’t think it’s pretty. But at the same time I started covering I also started dressing modestly. So I really think the Lord was dealing with me on that pride and vanity.
I have noticed a huge blessing when I cover and especially when covering when going to church. I have more of a deep peace. I tend to be more submissive to my husband and to the Lord.
I don’t judge others for not covering and in fact, the Catholic Church we go to doesn’t have any other women who cover so I am kind of back in the same boat!

Thank you all for replying to my post. I just happened to think about this the other day. I had always known and remembered wearing a head covering as a child and part way through high school, in the Catholic Church. I also remember visiting friends Churchs as a young teen and the ladies were still wearing a head covering of some kind.

When I lived in Germany for 3 years in the late 70’s the German ladies were still wearing head coverings. (Catholic and Prodesent) during Mass/Church Service.

Currently I’m visiting Southern Texas and a lot of the Women are wearing head coverings, while in Mass.

I have read about the Blessings of the Angles and also in the Bible about Women wearing head coverings.

I have heard many people on both sides say the reasons for the Catholic Women, but I was just wondering why the Prodesent Women stopped wearing a head covering in Church.

I’m sure everyone (that’s at least my age or older) remembers the days when We’d all wear an “Easter Bonnet” or a new “Easter Hat” on Easter Morning Mass/Church. Both Catholics and Prodesents alike did.

I thank you all for your replies… May the Lord Bless Each of you.

The Canon of 1985 abrogated the 1917 Canon Law.

I wish we would return to headcoverings. I moved to another parish which is very Marian but nobody wears one…very contemporary parish…but want to bring it up some time, and see what they say.

I do wish that this is something that was practiced more often. The churches in my area appear to be very liberal and if you dress modestly with your head covered, people will stare at you like you are so weird:( Noone seem to be staring at women wearing next to nothing, showing their buttcrack(like the one I saw yesterday):shrug:

I know that feeling well of being stared at like I’m something out of the 1800s. It takes getting used to is all I can tell you. Like I said in my earlier post, I struggle with this because of not feeling “pretty” when I dress modest and wear the headcovering. But especially in Mass when we stand there and say Holy, Holy, Holy we are saying it with the angels and how blessed we are to be wearing the covering when we do so!

Women(Wives) covering their heads is Biblical.

1 Corinthians 11:6.

I find it respectable.


Some people see a Catholic woman at Mass think she may be rejecting Vatican II…it can look like a political statement…depends on where you live…

Yes, there is an issue of standing out and people paying more attention on and off to the veil and what your purpose is…and can be a distraction.

I am going to bring it up to my women’s group and the pastor…after praying.

My former pastor, who has women veiled in his church, told me not to bother…then the next day a lady gave him an extra for somebody…so he blessed it at my request and passed it on to me…but it was really a shawl, not a veil, and so I got a very nice veil by Devorah…

Devorah’s Headcoverings are beautiful and made by an Orthodox J ewess, you can find them online.

But in time I moved to another parish, as I said, now very Marian and Pro Life…and will pray firs…just like I did prior…and then received a beautiful mantilla/shawl in a day or two!

Head coverings among Friends went out of fashion when head coverings were made a “test of faith” and when Friends sought to move into more modern times where the “Quaker bonnet” and “Quaker broad brimmed hat” seemed out of place. Howver there is a movement among Friends to bring back the head coverings for both men and women…as well as “plain dress”. It’s found roots among “Conservative Friends” and centers mostly in Ohio Yearly Meeting, and some Yearly Meetings in Pennsylvania.

Why you specified “Women(Wives)” :confused:, what about non-married women !

I’m approaching my late 50’s, and I do not recall a time when headcoverings was regularly practiced in the Lutheran Church, at least not in a required or expected sense.


The things people will argue over? :ehh:

There is no problem with covering and there is no problem not covering. I think wearing too many strange things can take the attention … and Paul also tells us not to do that.

What I don’t understand is that some women make it an issue and think they are particularly modest when they put a veil on in church… but Paul didn’t just talk about in church. He said women should wear it when praying and at other places he said: never cease praying. So if a woman wants to do it because she finds it in the Bible… go ahead… she may also for the same reason choose to be “taught in silence” by her husband, and never wear something decorative in the church… The full package is there to take it or leave it.
The point being. whatever one does, one should do it with clear motives and do it at all times if one really thinks its being more moral. Just just to show of piety in church or to ones husband or to one self. Yes, the heart is subtle and can have many false motives.

As for me I have often heard how refreshing it is to see a woman in skirts… well, I say, I wear skirts because I find them pretty, and I always felt more comfortable in them than in pants. If someone were to say my sisters were less pious though in comparison, I would go buy some pants, because my dresses then became a stumblingblock to a weak brother…
I am clear about my motives to people and to God: Whatever I wear; skirts or pants, hat or no hat… I wear it because I like it.

This is false. There are rumors and conspiracy theories but no proof. Search the forums and you will find this has been discussed numerous times.

In the final analysis, this is not a matter of faith or morals but of discipline and private devotion. It was a mandatory discipline for the faithful but the revision of the code of canon law (which is approved by the Holy See) removed it as mandatory (as disciplines will change over the years).

So like holding your Rosary during Mass or saying the St. Michael prayer afterwards, if it makes you feel better or makes the Mass more reverent for you, by all means go ahead.

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