Head coverings in your daily life?

Hi. I’m a new Catholic & I’m still learning. But I’m curious to know if catholic women can wear their head coverings everyday or do you just wear it at mass? Thank you for your help.

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No one will stop you from wanting to wear your head covering all the time, but when women do wear their head coverings (if at all) it is usually just during Mass (perhaps even during adoration).

Many nuns of course wear it all the time, and if you believe it is right, you may wear head covering more often if so desired, but you do not have to.


You can wear it everyday if you want to, but you might get some looks depending on what your headcovering is. I remember one lady saying that she forgot she had her lace veil on from church so when she went to the store after Mass people were giving her looks and she didn’t know why. :smile: Traditionally, though, women just wore it when they were in the church.

Thank you for your help.

Lol. I pray throughout the day. So I wasn’t sure if I should or could wear it all day or not. Thank you for your help.

If you have fair skin such as me, sunscreen and head coverings are essential!

I would note that through much of the time right up to the 20th century when women wore head coverings in the church, the head coverings did not necessarily have to be the veil that most women choose today, but could also just be a hat or cap of the type normally worn by women in whatever area of the world they were in.

Many societies, including Western Europe and North America, expected women to wear a hat or cap of some type whenever they were outside their home. Right up to about WWII, women did not go out shopping or to an office job or to do any sort of errand beyond just visiting the neighbor, without having some type of hat on. The style of hats varied a lot over time with the fashion and the age/ culture of the wearer, but some type of hat was essential, so a woman would be wearing her hat to church the same way as she would be wearing it out to lunch, or out to the department store. She could have a special hat or special veil for church, but many women didn’t have anything special and just wore their regular nice dressy hat.

The Vatican removal of the requirement for head coverings happened about the same time that the fashions in the west no longer required women to have a hat on when they went out in public.

Are you at home or are you going out somewhere?

Technically you could wear it whenever you want and naturally more so in your own home.

If your considering wearing it out though,it’s good to deeply reflect on your motivations and why this would be something you would want to do.
Humans can be very complex,and often we don’t know our own minds.

It’s also good to form decisions after weighing up all the facts and perceptions etc.
For example,in most countries,(religious) headscarves today are usually associated with Islam religion so you would need to consider whether you are prepared for looks,people asking you questions etc…

Even in traditional Catholic countries most young people do not wear it.
I come from a European background and my grandmother would always wear scarfs/marama but this is more tradition sake.
No one of younger age (under 60) now wears it and usually not when in the Catholic Church itself and definitely not just in the streets/in normal everyday life.
The only time younger women wear it is for “folk” traditional dancing.
Russian Orthodox women,on the hand do wear it in the Church,but again not in everyday life (except for folk dancing).

Apart from the Middle East due to their culture, the only time I have ever really heard of Catholic women wearing headscarves (for religious purposes) in everyday life is some in America.

Yes! Lol I am very faired skinned.

Interesting. :thinking: Thank you for all of that knowledge. I can remember when I went to church with my Aunt they wore the head coverings. I thought not only was it beautiful but very respectful in the way that it shows your undivided attention to God when praying.

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Thank you for your insight. It’s wonderful to see everyone opinions or information on this topic.

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