Head coverings

I go to Mass on Sundays directly from work - wearing scrubs. I want to start covering my head during Mass again (why I stopped is a long story), but I can’t find anything but lace mantillas, which I think draw too much attention to the fact that I’m covering. My hair is waist length, and I normally wear it in a braided bun at work to keep it out of the way during patient care. Any ideas on what I could wear that would “look good” with scrubs and won’t look too out of place when I cantor, read, EMHC? If it’s also secure enough for me to wear at work, that would be a big plus.


You should care about GOD first, not what we (humans) would think about your clothing…
Moreover, the true Christians going to the Church their hearts and eyes should be toward GOD not toward what other humans are wearing …

May the LORD be with you.

There are many nice styles of hats available. Choose something small and a neutral color like black. Not all women are meant to wear mantillas, there are a variety of items that allow you to cover your head in some way like large headbands, berets, fascinators, scarves, etc. I do wear black mantillas most of the time and have stopped worrying about what others think when I wear them to the Ordinary Form of the Mass.


On a different note, would you have time to stop in the bathroom and change the scrubs to slacks/skirt and a top, and possibly shoes?

We often go quickly from one activity to another, and step into the bathroom to change quickly. It can be done in a few minutes if everything is in a bag or on a hanger. Upon changing, the scrubs go straight into the bag and no one sees them.

It might be a little nicer, especially on the days you are serving God at the altar.

We have a number of threads that address veils and other forms of dress. Just go to the search mode and put in the words that will narrow you search.


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