Head of Holy Cross asks Obama to rethink position on abortion

Head of Holy Cross order asks Obama to rethink position on abortion

ROME (CNS) – The head of the Holy Cross religious order that founded the University of Notre Dame has written to U.S. President Barack Obama and asked him to rethink his positions on abortion and other life issues.

…The visit should be a “teachable moment” for all involved, Father Cleary said. He asked the president to take advantage of the occasion to “rethink, through prayerful wrestling with your own conscience, your stated positions on the vital ‘life issues’ of our day, particularly in regard to abortion, embryonic forms of stem-cell research and your position on the Freedom of Choice Act.”

…Father Cleary’s letter began by congratulating Obama on being awarded an honorary doctorate from Notre Dame, and said the university was honored to have him deliver the commencement address.

“the university was honored to have him…”

It would probably be honored to have Pontius Pilate or Judas too.

I think these guys have spent too much time in the Unversity Library, and not enough time listening to the President. Mr. Obama has NO INTENTION in changing his mind about abortion or stem cell research, it will take much more than a polite letter for him to do so.

Where have these people been ??

Obama is too far gone to re-think about abortion.

Bluntly put, he’s a lost cause…from day 1 when he took office.:dts:

Quit dreaming that he’ll change. May----be on his deathbed. I’d give him that little.

Just pray that he’ll get kicked out of office…

So you think that little of the Holy Spirits power eh?

I too doubt that Mr. Obama is going to change his mind. But I think I can see where the Superior General of the Holy Cross Congregation is going with this.

I believe that he’s sending a message to the University that they messed up. We don’t know what kind of letter he may have sent them. He is also sending a message to Obama to back out graciously. Let’s hope Obama taks the hint.

He made good points in his letter. That does not mean that the White House will take them to heart.

The situation is tricky, because the university is run by a board of fellows and trustees, the Congregation the Holy Cross has no legal authority over their decisions. They are simply employees of the university. The board is Catholic, but not an official organism within the Catholic Church. They are a private and independent Catholic organism.

Let’s face it, Notre Dame messed up.

JR :slight_smile:

PS. This is a good example of one of the things that can go wrong when religious communities hand over their institutions to private Catholic lay organizations to run. They have no legal authority over them. It’s a good example of a lay body with a big sense of entitlement.

As far as the President’s “rethinking” of his abortion policy, not only is he a hard sell all by himself, but he has surrounded himself with people who think the same way. In fact, some of them might be an even harder sell. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this fact makes things much harder for him to “rethink” life issues, not to mention putting pro life issues into play. He’d be up against some tough anti lifers, telling him he got too much money and support from Planned Parenthood to slap them down.

Catholics who voted for Obama may wish to re-read 1 Samuel 8:10-18.



Well, there you go. The people demanded it.:shrug:

Aside from that, I liked father Cleary’s letter.

Yep it will take true Divine Intervention!

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