Head of the household?


Hello, this week in my prayer/Bible study group, we talked about allowing our husbands to be the head of the house. Many of the ladies said it really brought peace to their households.

I was a bit perplexed though because although my husband is a recent convert, many of his decisions would not be good for our family. Not that we would come to serious physical harm, but for instance, he allows my kids to watch things that they should be watching. He also is a staunch Democrat and plans on voting for Kerry (although our Priest and I have made it clear that it is not acceptable) and is open about this w/the kids. He is not fully supportive of the Church’s teachings on openness to life, etc. How does a wife deal with these issues and follow the exhortation to submit to her husband?


The following articles should be helpful:

“Spiritual Headship” by Jimmy Akin:

“The Authority of Women” by Monica Migliorino Miller:

“Feminism and Marriage” by Mary Shivanandan:

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