Some families get everyone ready for Mass. (Scroll up a little)

Sometimes you just have to lighten up!



That is just too funny. The expression on this kitty’s face… “Oh what did I do to deserve this??!”

I think I like kitty w/ a doilie better than bunny with a pancake.

What about ten bunnies? Now there’s an interesting selection of headcoverings. :smiley:


:eek: :eek:


Bunny with a pancake is an established Catholic symbol, going back to the earliest Church fathers. He is even mentioned in Paul’s Third Letter to the Vegetarians!


Beware the leaven of the lagomorphs!


Now that thats one traditional CATholic. :eek:

Funny?..eh…I tried.

Actually yes, that was funny.

Guess I’m a heretic too, I am unfamiliar with “Bunny with a pancake” symbol as well… :confused:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: TOO FUNNY!


They hop, but do not lift. They munch, but do not preen.



Cats wear pancakes, too.


FALL OFF MY CHAIR LAUGHING! That is just the funniest thing.


That’s great! :smiley: :rotfl: :smiley:

No no no… that look says, “when are you going to bed so I can get back a little of my self respect?”

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