Headline "Catholics, Anglicans discuss reuniting"


This is a good sign.



Forwarded an article on this topic to a priest friend and this was his response:

Yeah, it’s already old news. To date, it is not official and therefore potentially unreliable in its witness.

That said, there are a host of “minor issues” that would need serious address before such a thing came into being.

  1. What to do with married Bishops. The only Anglican Bishop to date who crossed the Tiber accepted the loss of his Crosier as worthy of the crossing.

  2. What to do with invalidity of orders. Of course, the Holy Father could, in theory, determine by virtue of his office that those who submitted to Rome would by some mechanism, not excluding the possibility of ex opere operato in their making the submission, that their orders would become valid, although the more likely scenario would require the interventions of local ordinaries in passing on apostolic succession.

  3. What to do with the Anglican propinquity for doctrinal and liturgical slipperiness. Doesn’t the Church have enough trouble with recalcitrant Catholic Bishops, clergy and non-juring laity? What we don’t have enough nut-jobs as it is; we need to import more? (Of course, the Anglicans would know what wine to serve with their heresy, something liberal Catholics seem to be incapable of determining.)

  4. What to do with the various BCP’s that each and all would require a massive overhauling to bring into conformity with orthodox Christian belief and practice? This would invariably include the necessity of excising such great Anglican witnesses of saintliness from the Lesser Feasts and Fasts books as Gandhi, etc…

  5. It strikes me as highly improbable that all those low church evangelical Anglicans would willingly put a toe in the Tiber, even if the bank on which they were standing were burning. These are the kinds of people who misguidedly think the Orthodox Church would be the better path. Ten years later, they’re eating kasha and swilling vodka while trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that their great-granddaddy really did play the balalaika at the Battle of Bull Run.

  6. What to do about female ministers? I just can’t see all of the lady priestesses heading for the cloister or willingly laying aside their tailor-made clergy blouses.

  7. What to do with all those French-speaking Latin-idolatrous Traditionalists who insist that the Vatican Council never abrogated the older Mass and that the Pauline Mass is invalid… Oh, heh heh, 'scuse me. Different rant…

  8. What would such a meeting mean for the Anglican/Lutheran accords? If we take back the Anglicans, do we have to take the Lutherans too? Would that mean that the Presbyterians and Methodists were next in line? Of course, the Presbyterians probably know that this is bound to happen.

  9. What to do with all that property. You know, all those Churches that still look ‘churchy’ and would need a massively modernist overhauling to make them look like surreal cubist warehouses praising man’s ability to make even the sublime appear ugly, morbid and spiritually squalid.

  10. What to do about the Bible. These Anglicans don’t even have the whole Old Testament.


[quote=Stephen_C]This is a good sign.

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This particular group has had ongoing discussions for decades. The announcement is simply of an upcoming release of a document by them that tells of waysAnglicans and Catholics can further the discussion and effort.

It is a step. Only a step. In the right direction. Many more steps necessary.

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