On another thread the conversation came up about wearing headphones in adoration, and it is very interesting but quite a bit off topic from the OP’s question. So I’d like to bring back up the conversation here.

On my mp3 player I have the Scriptural Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song…it saves me having to carry around a stack of books to say these beautiful prayers and I almost always have them with me.

But I would really love to say the Stations of the Cross in front of the actual Stations inside the church. I feel listening to headphones in church is fairly taboo, and have never see anyone else do it, so I never have. But maybe that is because people think anyone listening to headphones is rocking out?

So I have two questions I want people to respond to.

What are your thoughts on listening to headphones in a church (or adoration chapel)?

and Does an mp3 player play a role in your religious life? How?

I voted no because I am still a little old fashioned (and a little old). I don’t even bring my cell phone into church. I think for many people it is still very distracting to see someone scrolling through a phone or other device during the Mass (even if it is to read prayers, etc). I know the times are changing and one day this will be more common. I think it is nice to see people disconnect from the crazy outside world for at least one hour during Mass on Sundays!

Oh I very much agree that during Mass there needs to be absolutely no headphones, cellphones, or any other type of phones. I mean when Mass is not going on.

I voted no for the same reason and for the reason that Pablopedro gave.

I do not use headphones in the sanctuary. I don’t see anything wrong with them unless they can be overheard by others present.

I do use my iPhone because it contains many liturgical texts in one place. I have also copied down entire orders of prayer from many prayer books into my iPhone. I use my iPhone as a missalette when attending a daily, Roman Rite, Mass service. I do not use the internet for any of these uses. My iPhone is set to silent in the sanctuary. :slight_smile:

Yes, especially for adoration. I often find it very difficult for me to hold my focus, and some appropriate music helps me keep my mind on Christ and not on what I’m supposed to be doing later that day.

Yes. I use headphones that are connected to my CD player, (I am old). The CD player is out of view of others.

But, never during Mass.

I think that it is fine to have your favurite prayers all in one place and to help you concentrate on them. Dont worry about otjer people’s upinions. A chaitable person would assume you werer praying.

I voted no, thinking you meant at Mass.

I retract my vote for quiet prayer and meditation time, if that’s what you feel called to.


This corresponds with my views exactly, except that I don’t have a PADD (Star Trek term) with all the liturgical texts. My wife does, and she uses it to read the liturgical texts, and if I had one, I’d probably use it for that purpose as well.

i was actually going to start a post on this. i go to mass on saturdays and yesterday there was a girl in front of me who was wearing headphones the entire time she was in church. her family also left right after taking communion.
the saturday before that a girl in front of me was driving me crazy constantly coming through her hair, i mean she was finger combing her hair through the majority of mass. i was so distracted by this.i have had time to try and give them plausible reasons for their actions and be less critical but the reality is that it is just plain wrong. these girls are teenagers and they really should know better. but their parents aren’t even attempting to correct them. :frowning:

I voted no, as I believe you meant during Mass. As for adoration, I honestly don’t know. Personally, I wouldn’t, simply because your main focus is supposed to be on the Lord, and not on your music. I do take my cell phone to church/Mass, but I keep it on silent. The only reason I bring it with me is because I am terrified that something will happen and no one will know what’s happened, should anything happen. I do listen to Gregorian chant through my iTouch, because it is very relaxing, and because I am trying to tune my chanting abilities.

It might be worth pointing out for some of us younger ones the cell phone is the only thing that we own that tells time. Plus a quiet alarm can be nice so you don’t have to check the time constantly!

I would vote no. My reason: I am at church to be with my Lord (the Blessed Sacrament is there). I have a personal relationship with Him. There is “time” for me to talk with Him (my “prayer”). There is also the time for me to listen to Him (quiet time). This rhythm has a “flow” just like any conversational interaction with another human being. He “speaks” to us in the silence of our hearts.:clapping: I would not wear headphones or listen to my MP3 while visiting with a friend – unless that is what we got together to do. If I would not do that with a “human” friend, why would I do it with Him? At His house? At home, yes. I put on worship music, sing my prayers, and even “praise-dance” (do not know it that is the correct way to “say” it).

My cell phone sounds are completely turned off (not even set to vibrate) when I am at church. Since I cannot wear a watch, I need to be able to tell the time. :smiley:

Stay blest.

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