Head's up, Good Morning America is doing a segment

about confessing on line, including sites where you can go confess. I saw one head liner on a website that said “The #1 adult Christian Porn Website” (oxymoron?)

Anyway, if anyone saw this today or is about to see it since I just told you about it coming on in the next few segments, what do you think?

I wish I had seen it, because it sounds interesting. I haven’t been on-line much lately & missed your message. Thanks for trying to let us know, though…

I read an article last week about Protestants taking up Catholic practices like following the liturgical calendar. One of the things they are doing is confessing there sins, mostly to one another and mentioned was a couple of websites where people go do this. Maybe this is what Good Morning is about. People have confessed murder and other serious sins. Too bad there it is not sacramental and there is no absolution. It is almost worse than not confessing if they think it absolves them.

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