Healing and Deliverance

I wanted to start this thread on healing and deliverence. I’ve been reading about these topics for a couple weeks now, just started reading a book by Neil Lozano called Unbound. Great book on deliverance.
But specifically, I’m amazed at reading some of the stories and points that he discusses, I’m amazed at how, when i relate them to my life, I can see that the devil still has such a hold in my life.

Have you guys had any prayer for deliverance in your life? What was the experience like? Or for healing?

What are your thoughts?

I’m about two chapters from being done with the book, and let me tell you, it’s for all intents and purposes put me in a whole new path. So many things in my life have been made aware thanks to this author’s book, and I’m very grateful. Does anyone know of any Priests or places to go for more information? Recommended further reading?
I know of a Fr. Muchado (spelling? possibly spelled Murchado?) who was on the Drew Margiani show the other day for Relevant Radio. Anyone have any thoughts?

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