Healing Masses / Healing Priests


Does anyone know much about these? I’ve seen them either reported on TV and sometimes advertised in various parishes. But I thought I’d recalled a thread recently about “healing priests” - don’t know if it was pro or con / advised or not.
Anyone have some info or advice ?


Priests with the charism of healing are a great blessing.


A local parish has a healing Mass once a year. In this case it is a Charismatic Mass. After Mass, individuals come forward to be prayed over by teams of two or three members of the parish charismatic prayer group.
When I lived in WI, the parish priest would hold a healing Mass once a year. The residents of the various nursing homes would be brought to the church. The priest would anoint them as he administered the Sacrament of the Sick.
Note that these are two different Masses. In one case, individuals receive the Anointing of the Sick.
In the first described case, individuals are not anointed and do not receive the Sacrament of Anointing which can only be administered by a priest.


To further differentiate these, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick may be celebrated within the Mass itself.
The charism of healing, as has been given by the Lord to Father Fernando Suarez, CC, on the other hand, is like a private devotion, in that it is not celebrated within the Mass, but after it.


G’day Conserv 1
Healing is a part of our church. We need to be a people of faith and believe in the word of Christ who promised if we seek the kingdom of heaven first all our prayers will be answered. This is God’s promise and we need to believe that God will give us what we asked for or something better. It is not only priest that have the gift of healing we all do because if we pray with a pure heart those prayers will be answered. The sacrament of healing is indeed a powerful gift from God that a lot of people have experienced. Cheers have a great day in God’s blessings geoff


Thanks to Everyone for those educational answers.
I had an opportunity to attend a service (not sure if it was called Healing Mass but Mass was said first). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate, which is why I asked the question. I did go. After Mass, people lined up to approach the priest who annointed them with Chrism on forehead and palms of hands, just as posted above. I had never seen this except for Annointing of the Sick - as you posted - for those who are ill. There were also people to either side of the priest waiting, praying - who would pray over/with each annointed person afterwards - I guess like charismatic? My plan was to bypass them - well-intentioned as they might be. That’s what I was concerned about, and I didn’t want anything beyond being annointed by the priest. Some people were dropping to the floor, which a friend told me was just emotions but I was saying the Exorcism prayer from a distance for them. I was afraid after reading threads in prior months about so many varied customs nowadays. (I prefer old tried and true.)

I had also once attended a service where after Mass, a priest doesn’t annoint but you approach altar rail, he prays (?) and puts his hand on your forehead - some men stand behind you to catch you - but I’m not sure if you fall or if it’s just the priest pushing you back ??? At that time, I was curious and went up. Fell once - before he was finished and they stood me up again. ??? Too many innovations.


G’day again conserv1
It can be pretty daunting to see people fall down around you but this has the approval of the Church and is actually the real old and true way back in Peter’s day. Be not afraid God works in all things and don’t worry about by-passing the people who were praying we are all at different places in our journeys and no one should ever judge you in your walk with God. May God continue to bless you and keep allowing him to lead you. Cheers geoff.


One day there was a medical emergency during Mass. The woman was able to receive communion. After everybody else received Father was able to anoint her as the paramedics wheeled her out of church.
The gospel of the day: The Good Samaritan
The communion song: What Ever You Do For the Least of My Brothers.


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