Healing Masses

Does anyone know if there’s an online resource to find healing masses?

I’ve had healing Masses offered for my family tree with Fr. John Hampsch’s ministry: catholicbooks.net/

I haven’t seen a resource that lists all the healing Masses available. You might check under charismatic catholics in your area - they tend to have regular healing Masses.

Thank you both!

Aww, Denise, I see now that you have moved back to Ohio!

I was thinking about Fr. Dennis Kelleher, now deceased, who lead healing masses in the 80’s in N.Y. He was connected to St. Anastasia’s in Douglaston, N.Y. I saw that they are having a healing mass on May 10 at 7pm.

But, too late now, you already moved. :slight_smile:

How close are you to Canton?

I recommend you check for a Catholic Charismatic Center nearest you, such as Cleveland, Akron, Canton or Youngstown. If they don’t have a listing they can probably narrow your search considerably.

Very close to Youngstown, and close enough to Cleveland, Akron, or Canton that it would be a fairly short drive.

Have you heard of Rhoda Wise? Go to her house. It is now a shrine owned by EWTN. Mother Angelica was cured there many years ago. People are still cured there today. If I lived anywhere near there, I would certainly go. Alas, I’m in Oregon.




Thank you! I would love to visit and when I do, I will pray for you!

Boomerang, I took a drive there today! It’s a beautiful place! I plan on going back next week as well! Thank you so much for suggesting it.

Lord, through the intercession of Rhoda Wise, please heal Denise’s ears. And mine too! :gopray2:


I also started a prayer intention thread as well!

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