Healing Ministry -what happened

Jusus performed many healings of both physical and spiritual conditions-apparently healings were common in the early Church-when did this ministry get downplayed?

At the Episcopal Church we have a Healing service at Noon on Wednesdays- rather poorly attended-

I am aware of Lourdes -given 4,000,000 visitors a year few proven healings (although just 1 is impressive)

Have the evangelicals take over this ministry?

I don’t think anyone has taken over anything. There are still a lot of scams out there. Just because some evangelicals look like they’re performing faith healings in front of a crowd doesn’t mean they are.

My parish has Anionting/Healing Masses for the sick and infirmed of the parish.

I actually attended a heal mass at a parish n my town not long ago, the focus was as it should be on Christ, but I felt it was a show being put on, the priest assisting even went out of his way to tell people they didn’t have to fall down in order to be healed, and took the time to explain what falling n the spirit meant, and how the focus is always on Christ not the priest performing the healing, but still it had this atmosphere of the attention being on the priest, I was skeptical, I arrived early, and found a seat an sat near the isle, I lost my spot after an usher came an moved an entire family on the row I was sitting on, as I got up to let them in the entire family just moved in an stupid me was left standing there looking for a new place to sit, then the next person I was sitting by just flat up got up n left at one point, after the celebration of mass, people were falling left and right, I wasn’t sure what to make of it… I had to focus on why I was there, and when I left, a week had passed and I felt that indeed Christ had healed me, I was amazed… my symptoms come back from time to time but not nearly on the scale it use to be an it just makes me wonder if I did something wrong to not warrant a full healing…

I personally would have appreciated a more reverent healing service , but something deff took place in me, and I can’t say it was all some big hoax, would be a mighty rotten thing to do in a church of all places. I might go to another healing mass some day just to see the difference from the well known priest that said this one versus just a local priest performing this gift.

I was greatful to at least hear the priest constantly emphasis Christ an the focus on Him the entire time even if everyone there only heard yadda yadda yadda.

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