Healing Miracles


Do you personally know of any healing experiences through the intercession of the saints?


yes my brother was healed of a life threatening mastoid infection as an infant through the intercession of venerable Solanus Casey. I hope he is canonized soon, Detroit needs a saint. A friend who cannot have children and was turned down for adoption later successfully adopted an infant daughter, whom they named Kateri because they prayed for help to Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha


My brother-in-law, after an auto accident… was clinically dead for several minutes in the ER. He was given the Last Rites… even though the nursing staff had told Father not to bother, because he was “dead”. Father didn’t listen to them (thank God), and administered the Sacrament; he revived.

While in the hospital, recovering from the traumatic brain injury he received in the accident… we prayed to Our Lady of Lourdes and put Lourdes water on his head.

He lived and recovered enough to go back to work.


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