Healing of the Family Tree.

I see that there has been some discussion around Healing of the Family Tree. I have had a number of spiritual problems here at home. I sought help from the Catholic Priest early in March of this year because I was witness to some oddities in my home. I had my home blessed and the problem got worse. The priest came back and did a home exorcism.

The problem has still not resolved. I was offered a couple of months ago a Generational Healing Mass. Although I want the problem to be gone I am still really unsure if this is the right step or not.

I really need some help.

:hmmm: I have never heard of Healing the Family Tree.
it sounds as if you have some sort of paranormal or ghostly issues
in your home.I say that because you mention the priest blessing the house, and then having to vcome back and do a house excorcism which to me doesnot sound good.Did anyone in the family ever dabble in the occult?

The Generational Mass sounds good, and might be well worth it.
Please let me know more,how did all this start?.The people at The Atlantic Paranormal Society are good folk, and can put you in touch with a reputable paranormal group in your area who maybe able to help you.

I would also keep in touch with the church too as well.
I will be praying for you and hope you can find peace and the same for your family, please keep us posted.

A generational Healing Mass is purely a Mass for members of your family who have died so there should be no problem with that. In fact you do no have to have a specific Mass said as every Mass prays for the dead but what is important is that you personally ask all members of your family tree to be enveloped in the blood of Christ & given whatever Grace they need. The best way to do this is to draw up a family tree with names where known & Grandma X, Gt Grandad X etc. where not known back 4 generations. If you know children put them in too. If not just draw a circle around the parents to represent any children including miscarriages & abortions. Attend Mass on a weekday and as you say the prayers of the Mass say them FOR your ancestors, Try to concentrate on them throughout Mass particularly a the Consecration & Communion when you spiritually place them in the chalice. Prayers are never wasted. If they do not need the prayers they will be able to use them for someone who does. If in fact they have been allowing the spiritual problems in order to persuade you to pray for them they will cease once the souls have been released from Purgatory. It is possible that it is not a family member but someone else you know who has died who cannot help themselves so wants you to pray for them, Pray & ask for discernement as to who that person could be & pray for them in the same way. You may need to pray for several people but remember if this is the case these are not evil spirits. They are Holy Souls saying “PLease pray for me I can’t do it for myself” If the spiritual problem does go remember to offer a Mass of thanksgiving & also to make praying for the Holy Souls a gegular occurence in the future. Do not however pray to the Holy Souls them selves - only FOR them

Generational healing is probably a protestant thing, it’s to do with the generational curse in the Bible.

If you read later on in the Bible, God says that this no longer applies, if God said it I believe Him over anyone else’s views.

I pray for my loved ones, living and dead every day, who knows how much good that will do, I’ll only know in the next world.

Do you have holy water and other sacramentals in the house? You should keep around blessed St. Benedict and St. Michael Medals.

Are you sure the things happening in your home are supernatural?

I have never heard of that. Perhaps call in another priest to perform another home exorcism according to the 1962 rite? I don’t mean anything by that except that I understand that it has proven itself more effective in some circumstances. Is there a FSSP priest around?

I gotta agree with having the sacramentals in the house.

Did anyone in your family get involved with the New Age? Because having New Age items in your home can attract negative spirits. (It happened to me.)

Keep praying and do not be afraid. At the lowest point of my experience with spiritual oddities, I prayed that the Blood of Christ washed over. I also prayed the Apostles Creed and the Lorica. The Blood of Christ is so important when you have “oddities” around. I prayed that I be sealed in the Blood of Christ. In fact, I even said, during an “oddity”, that “I am sealed in the Blood of Christ”.

Finally, I confessed my experiments with the New Age. I had two priests pray over me.

IMHO, a generational healing mass would be worth it.

If you would like, please share more details.

Sorry I haven’t replied earlier. When receiving help from the priest I was given holy water, St Michael Medals and St Benedict Medals, prayers. During the house exorcism the Priest kindly gave me his Holy Cross to keep (was a very kind gesture).

Regarding paranormal activity, - audio and video recordings to sink a boat for those who require such evidence.

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