Healing Preist


Can someone give me a list of preist who can heal?


Any validly ordained priest who has not lost his faculties can administer the healing sacraments, anointing of the sick, and penance & reconciliation. There are some priests who claim to have a special healing ministry through exercising charismatic gifts, but any physical healings that occur are done by Christ, through the priest as an intermediary, not by the priest himself. Ask someone in your diocesan office, the vicar for priests or vicar general s the best person to ask, if any priests have permission to exercise this ministry in your diocese.


There are many priests that have been given the gift of healing, but they are only the instrument of The Healer … Jesus The Christ. Remember that if you truly understand the Holy Mass you will realize that each mass is a healing mass. If you have a particular need , see a priest for an annointing. There are also laypersons that have been given the gift of healing. Check out Catholic Charismatic groups in your area. Healing by the laying on of hands is Scriptural. I hope this helps and if you need more help just re post or reply.



He’s the Great High Priest.


Fr. Tom DeLorenzo


Fr. Fernando Suarez is another one. :) I went to see a healing priest a while back but right now I cannot remember his name. :o


Fr.Tom Delorezno from the Holy Rosary Church in Winthrop, Mass.


Is there more anyone can name? I'm seriously in need of healing. I've been seeing serveral doctors and been on serveral medications and haven't had any success with them. I Jesus does all the work, but I need a preist that can heal thru him.


Did you call your diocese as puzzleannie suggested?


I would suggest that you contact your parish priest and talk with him. I recently heard about a priest in Central America that has the gift of healing and in this particular instance he told the person that needed healing that before proceeding this person needed to have a good confession. Talk with your priest or another in your area and explain your needs. Any priest can give you an anointing for healing after a good confession. The healing of The Christ be given to you.


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