Healing-- when and why

A little background-- I have a progressive health condition. My specialist doctor is concerned about people who go overboard on religion for this condition because of some misunderstood scriptures.

Now, I know that some fundamentalists believe that people who are not healed of health conditions are in such a situation because of lack of faith, or sin in their lives. If they would just become fervent enough in their faith, they would be healed.

However, Catholics believe that healing is to convince unbelievers. Where is the scriptural/doctrinal foundation for this?

I know that if I did my research, I could find the answers, but I think this topic is worthy of discussion.

I am not sure, but I am interested in this as well, so i’ll be peaking at this thread. Regardless, prayers sent for you mate.

God may very well allow some, those who he knows can bear it, to suffer in this life and through their suffering to participate in his crucifixion and be a blessing and a model to those who suffer around them. In fact, IMHO, this can many times bring more spiritual good then someone with a bad hip standing up shouting “Halleluiah”.

The idea that one is either healed or not based upon the level of their faith is unfortunate. I have witnessed physical healings in the Catholic Church and everyone has been amazed, very amazed… for about a week, and then it is only mentioned from time to time in various circles. On the other hand I have witnessed those who suffer with patience and love to be a constant source of inspiration to those of us who are physically healthy but spiritually stricken in one way or another.

I pray that you will accept whatever God allows with peace.

God bless.


Acceptance is just another kind of healing.


It is a sacramental view. When someone receives the sacrament of anointing of the sick, the person may be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. The sacrament also forgives the sins of the ill person. Because we are in communion, all in a parish benefit, and because God’s healing mercy extends to all of humanity, the graces of the sacrament will touch even the unbeliever, particularly those close to the ill person. Believing, that is Faith, is itself, a type of healing (I was blind but now I see. Sing it!)

Also, unbelievers can be healed through the faith of believers. The paralyzed man, who was healed by Jesus, when his faith filled friends lowered him into a house through a hole in a roof to get near to His healing touch, is the often sited example.

It saddens me to hear you aren’t well, may God bless you and heal you.

Not to be nitpicky, but true Christian Fundamentalists would not appreciate you identifying them as believing this, because they don’t.

The groups you are referring to are within the larger Pentecostal/Charismatic/Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel realm. As a functional definition, these are outside of Fundamentalism, but may be considered within Evangelicalism (a much broader term).

I am well, My ears aren’t. The hearing loss is getting worse-- an inconvenience is all. If I reach the age of 90, I might be deaf, but who knows, by then cochlear implants won’t be a heroic and expensive procedure. Nice to be able to sleep through most any noise.

Thanks for the clarification. It is prosperity gospel people that I criticize. However, there is some social stigma due to the misapplication of scripture. Maybe if I just TRY harder…

I agree that healing has been misunderstood but I KNOW what God has done for me. And I also know that if he can heel me, He can do it for any one. Several years ago I was getting sharp pains in my right hand knuckles, the swelling of joints, the cramping. I knew this arthritis would about end my carpentry work, so I was very determined to be free of it. And fortunately I had already exercised my faith in small things like overcoming the flue. And I had knowledge of how to have victory over the emotions and the devil and just remain firm in faith. It was not instant like we want it to be but took about 5 months. But what finally finished it off was when some guest preachers visited my church and carried an anointing for healing and I didn’t even know it until I drove off after service because I feel the pain when I shift into 3rd gear now it was totally gone.
So, if like me, your faith is not as firm as it could be, seek some one who has the anointing

But the most important thing is knowledge. The first and most important thing to know is that healing is always for everyone at all times. It is no different than salvation. Jesus paid a heavy price for your healing and he wants you to have it more than you want it for yourself. He does not teach people a lesson by denying healing.

However, there are things that will block faith. A big one is unforgivingness. Another may be a wounding in the soul. Another is having a “plan B”. By this, I mean that if we have in our mind that we will get the medical treatment if God doesn’t heal, then that makes us double minded and we cannot receive.

There is much more to know but all I want to say is that healing is always for you and that God is always good.

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