What does it mean to be healed of grief?

Let me rephrase, how would you know that you have been healed or evening started healing?

I am not really sure. I would say that you know you are beginning to heal of grief when you can think of the person who died without tears coming to your eyes. My Grandma died just over a year ago and tears still come to my eyes when I think of her. I was very close to my Grandma. Please keep in mind that the grieving process can take several years. The grieving process is also perfectly normal. Also, keep in mind the possibility that you might see this deceased person in Heaven after you die.

I think healing can only come in time and with many prayers. I know when my grandmother died, my healing process did not really start until months later and it didn’t “finish” until years after her death. Part of this was because I couldn’t let go of her memory. But over the years, I have realized that I do not have to let go of my memories of her - she will always be with me. Of course, this is not to say that I do not grieve her death, but I have learned to accept the grief I feel and use it to remember her fondly and to pray for our reunion in heaven. It’s part of what keeps me going.

Although, I do realize grief may come from more than death. One could grieve over the loss of a job or the loss of a friendship.

But grief is going to be a different process for everyone. The length it takes to heal will depend on the person, the circumstances, and how deeply the circumstances affect the person.

Thank you both for your honesty.
I’m still in the process of grieving and not sure if healing has even begun…and I know there isn’t a time frame as to how long one grieves…but I just wanted to know of others experiences.

I once heard a speaker say, you know the healing process has begun when you can tell funny stories that involve the person and laugh at them in a joyous way.

In my situation (as gross as this sounds) when I loose someone, I just have no desire to wash. When I found out my dad died, I did not shower for 3 days and the only reason I finally did was because there was visitation. Getting into that shower was on of the most energy consuming things I ever had to do. When I get to a point that jumping into a shower was no longer a horrid choir, I knew I was getting better.

Also, as corny as this sounds, you know you are finished grieving when you can see the beautiful side of death.

One thing that helped me TREMENDOUSLY was I did a plenary indulgence for my father. I know that in the end, I did the best thing I could for him


Thank you much.

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