Health benefits of NFP vs. Contraception


I have been wondering this for a while now.

Do women who decide to use NFP, or in other words, not take birth control pills have a better chance of not developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or uteran cancer? Do BCP enhance a woman’s chance of developing such diseases later in life?


Well, I suppose it depends who you ask. I went to the website for Ortho Tri Cyclen and pulled up the full prescribing information (you know, the page with tiny print and tons of confusing information about the drug in question). Anyway, in talking about oral contraceptives and cancer, there seems to be some confusion. Apparently some studies suggest an increased risk of breast cancer, particularly at a younger age and with prolonged use. But “the majority” of studies found no increased risk. As for cervical cancer, the language is actually amusing. Some studies suggest increased risk, which might be “due to factors other than oral contraceptives. There is insufficent evidence to rule out the possiblity that pills may cause such cancers.” I love that sentence. I read it two or three times before getting that it meant that the Pill might cause cervical cancer, not that there wasn’t enough evidence to say it did. LOL.

Anyway, none of that info is on the main website, only in the PDF of scientific jargon. :slight_smile: On the main website, they even go so far as to tell you about the “other health benefits” of the pill.

I would suggest that until (and unless) many more people in this country reject the contraceptive mentality, we will never have solid research on this topic. Studies are funded by people/companies with interests, and when the study doesn’t match the interest, it doesn’t always find it’s way to publication. Now, I know that’s cynical, but it’s also true. It isn’t always the case, but it does happen.

Toni Wescler talks about health benefits of NFP in her book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”. It’s a secular book (she tells you to use a condom during fertile phases if you’re trying to avoid), but there is a lot of good basic information.



Personally, I don’t see how ingesting mass quantities of hormones can be good for you in the log run. My belief is that a lot of the early development of our young ladies (11 year old girls should not look like 32 year old barflies), increase in health problems (cancer, diabetes, and so forth), and obesity is directly due to residual hormones from the birth control pill, both in the women’s bodies and our water table.


This is so true. The amount of pharmaceuticals in our water is scary and the effects on us and animals are unknown

you can search for more scientific papers on this as well.



Quoted from this article on the One More Soul website:

“Hormonal contraceptives, besides being abortifacient, have horrific side effects for the women who use them. From high blood pressure to blood clots2, to heart attacks3, to migraine headaches, to menstrual problems after you quit taking the drug, hormonal contraceptives (the pill, Norplant, and Depo-Provera etc) can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. It is no coincidence that the rise in breast cancer followed ten to fifteen years after hormonal contraceptives first became readily available4. It is also no coincidence that many women who have been on the pill for years and now want children, find they are now infertile5. Infertility has become a national epidemic, with couples spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying desperately to conceive. Unethical doctors continue to become wealthy prescribing contraceptives and then treating the side effects.”


I do have to admit to some bemusement with women who exercise like crazy, eat only organic foods, have become vegetarians (“do you have any idea how many contaminants, hormones and drugs are in meat?”), avoid soda, caffeine, processed food, etc…and then take bc pills for years…:whacky: Most, however, including Catholics, eventually resort to sterilization when they determine they are out of the baby-making business.


Another article…



World Health Organization declares the combined oral contraceptive to be a major carcinogen.

The World Health Organization, in a press release dated July 29, 2005, has announced that the combined oral contraceptive pill (estrogen and progestin combined) is a major carcinogen connected to breast cancer, liver cancer, and cervical cancer. This is a major breakthrough compared to the huge effort of misdirection and denial displayed by the general scientific community for the last thirty years. The entire WHO press release is displayed here, and a printable versions is located here.


You and me both.

The sad thing is that the medical community has them convinced that they have no other choice if they don’t want to have a million kids. That’s what makes the lies out there about NFP so sad…I think there are many many woman who would welcome a “natural” way if they knew it would work.


Boy, I’ll bet that was never mentioned on CNN. :rolleyes:


Risk of blood clots (and by inferrence, stroke) is not even controversial. Weight gain and reduced libido are widely reported too.

You can bet that if this were a weight loss pill, it would be off the market and the makers sued out of existence before you could say fen-fen! I guess even lawyers have agendas besides money making…


I was talking with one of my female co-workers about this very same issue a couple of days ago. I feel duped. Yes, I should have looked into the birth control issue more closely, but it’s SO prevelant; all of my good Catholic friends have taken the pill–we’ve never been taught there was an alternative. It absolutely infuriates me that some group (I don’t know who’s really responsible for the Pill) has such great PR that the pill is prescribed at the drop of a hat. I certainly know, looking back, that while on the Pill, I had definite mood changes, headaches, and other symptoms caused by the Pill. I’m furious that I put up with it for as long as I did. Honestly, taking the pill has got to be the thing I regret most in life.


I got the Pill from PP when I was a teenager. I also had serious depression as a result. I also missed English class every morning for months because I was puking in the bathroom and started having vision problems that I believe were due to the pill.

And of course, my mom had NO CLUE what was going on.


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