Health Car Discussion Groups

Last week, I said I received an e-mail from Obama, his response to my letter where I informed him that if FOCA is pased, a number of Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals will close and asked him to reconsider signing the bill into law.

Well, I was mistaken. TODAY I got his response; last week was just a general response, I think, or a weekly update or something.

What did President-Elect Obama have to say?

He said the nation’s health care system will be changed, so that we can have local health care discussion groups to deal with any health problems. He even said I - personally - could create my own health care discussion group.

Okay, I like the invitation to get in on our nation’s health, and I thank him for it, but I must insist: doctors should form the groups, not just anyone! And how in the world will health care discussion groups help America anyway?

I mean, I can imagine a group not being able to help someone simply because they can’t agree on what medicine to use, and the person dies, and than Obama saying more change is needed and people need to cooperate and yadda yadda yadda. That’s what I imagine could happen.

Here in California, we do not have the money to build any more hospitals. Like, at all. So how is a health care discussion group really going to help? The best solution is to just not sign FOCA, in my opinion.

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