Health Care Costs

Health Care Costs by George Malkmus

Medical Doctor Says Government Responsible For High Costs

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga, a physician who serves on the House Science and Technology Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee had the following to say about Health Care Reform:

“Government intrusion into the system has caused a marked escalation in the price of health insurance, drugs in the drugstore, hospital bills and doctor bills – all healthcare costs are being forced upward in a very skyrocketing way because of government intrusion. The marketplace unencumbered by taxes and regulations is the best way to ensure the best quantity and quality of all healthcare services”
Anything Government Gives the People It Must First Take From the People

There are no free lunches in life. Everything has a cost. Our country was so established that everyone was responsible for themselves. In more recent years we have been told that we are not only responsible for ourselves, but our neighbors also. Thus if neighbor doesn’t have something it is society’s responsibility to provide it.

The only way our government can have the funds necessary to guarantee all who do not have or cannot afford health insurance to have it, is to take from those who have and give it to those who have not.

This effort to take care of all citizens as well as cover the incredible waste of worthless spending and earmarks has resulted in debt that will be passed on to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. That debt is increasing by the second. For a vivid picture of what this debt is and how rapidly it is increasing, visit US Debt

The cost of abortion funding will cost you one dollar per person per year.
What is the cost of 50,000 lives of Americans who die every year with out health care?
America can’t afford not to have the Obama Health Care Program, its necessary for the stability and growth of America. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Beg to differ. The Federal Reserve is responsible for inflated prices.

Private health insurance is not a real marketplace, even without added Government programs and even removal of medicare and medicaid. Health insurance has an exception to anti-trust/price fixing laws. The prices go up because the companies can get together and decide to give themselves a raise.

We cannot afford to not to have HEALTHCARE REFORM and we CANNOT afford OBAMACARE. This has nothing to do with US but has everything to do with HIS legacy!

Amen! Someone gets it.

Really? Insurance’s profits have been steady around 3% for quite some time. But prices have gone up. What does that tell you? (Hint- if they’re making more money, but not keeping more money, where is it going? Hint 2- Not shareholders, that still counts as profit)

Of health care? The cost of health care is rising faster than inflation- aka the ‘real cost.’

If you want to start a non profit hospital or insurer, be my guest.

If Passed – Will Health Care Reform Improve Health?
by George Malkmus

How can putting everyone into a system that has already proven to be a failure improve the health of the American people? The medical system that would be utilized if Health Care Reform were passed is not focused on healing people of their diseases.

Sadly, most Americans are unaware that there is another way of dealing with their physical ills. That other way – that better way – is God’s way.

What Does God’s Way Look Like?

Simply stop putting into the body those substances that are causing the physical problems and start putting into the body those garden foods God told us we should consume in Genesis 1:29. The body will almost always heal itself of whatever the physical or even psychological problem is – without doctors, drugs, radiation, or surgery. Most who adopt this diet and lifestyle will never experience sickness ever again.

Many years ago, this editor watched helplessly as medical doctors tried to stop the advance of mother’s colon cancer using such modalities as drugs, radiation, and surgeries. After much suffering, resulting from the use of these medical modalities, and after huge medical expense, mother died at the comparatively young age of 65.

In 1976 came the devastating news that this editor had the same kind of cancer mother had suffered with and died as a result of. Because I had seen mother suffer so greatly at the hands of the medical community as they attempted to stop the growth of mother’s cancer, I refused all medical treatment, changed what I ate to a 100% raw plant based diet with lots of vegetable juices, and one year later my cancer was gone.

A better way for our leadership to provide health for the American people would to spend a few million dollars teaching the citizens of the United States how to so nourish their bodies so that sickness will not manifest in the first place. If it does, symptoms will almost always simply go away. We call this “God’s Way”.
Join the party, even the Roman Catholic nuns are in support of our Glorious Leaders Health Care Plan.
do I hear a amen:):):):):):):slight_smile:

Health Care costs will be paid for by your employer, it will be full coverage and it will be transfered to your next employer when you change jobs, and you will not be uninsurable, all pre-existing conditions will be covered by all of the insurance plans, or they will not be able to sell insurance in America, During terms of unemployment, your insurance may be paid for by the government until you obtain new employment and are covered by your new employer. There will be some insurance plans in which you can buy, like abortion, face lifts, tummy tucks, health spas, ete…:):):):):):slight_smile:

You try to get America to watch their diets, and exercise, its been tried before and failed, you can’t forse Americans to be healthy. You going to put all of the fast foods business’ out of business.? Stop all of the soda pops, cokes, dr peppers,? Beer isn’t good for you either, just try to mess with that.!!
I suggested this many years ago. Compulsurary Military Training for all High School graduates, those who leave school early, go too. This would be a two year training program in physical training and nurishment. After they graduate from ;Military training, they have two years of free tuituation at a university of their choice. :):):):):):slight_smile:

No, no health insurance profits have been around 30% for a long time and they want it to rise to 37%, this is where Obama stopped them, Athrem. If health insurance profits were 3% we woldnnnnnn’t be having this conversation

Please tell that to the 50,000 Americans who will die this year with out health care, to the parents with a child with an uninsurable illiness, an American whose spouse has cancer.
Men of good will have for the past 60 years have tried to get an universal health care plan for America, but failed, we must not fail this time.:):):):):):slight_smile:

Is this a troll?


You might wish to become better acquainted with factual data.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

United Health: from their 10-K filed with the SEC

You will, of course, note from the above extract, that they had total revenues of $80,779 million in 2009. Their EBIT (“earnings before interest and taxes”) (shown as “earnings from operations”) was $6,359M. That’s 7.8 percent. Their EBT was $5,808 (7.2%) and their net earnings were $3,822 (4.7 percent).

Let’s take a look at Cigna (also from their 10-K):

In this case, their gross revenue for 2009 was $16,181M. Their earnings from operations was $1,304M (8.05%) and their net earnings were $1,305M(8.07%).

We could keep going or just take a look at a snapshot, courtesy of Google Finance:

Bottom line, if you look at it as an industry, the average earnings are about 4.5%. Not 30%. Not 37%. Not even close.

Percentage points really don’t tell you the facts. First how much business does a company do, for example if I make a 3% profit on 20 billion in sales that is a nice amount of funds. … $20,000,000,000 / 300 million profit

With the health bill they will make even more sales.

Trust me no insurance company will allow costs to outstrip profits. The share holders would have the heads of the companys top brass in short order.

Now this is rather long as I wanted to separate points, also, I am curious to know how your system will be set up. We just hear the nay sayers point of view, which can never be trusted. As facts get twisted or taken out of context, like Obama wants to kill all seniors, by having a living will. Yeah, right, I believe that – not.

Now as a Canadian I want to say we have health coverage that is covered by our taxes and we still have private insurance for all other costs. Dental, prescriptions, eyeglasses, mental health experts, chiropractors, physo-therepist/massage are covered by private worker insurance not the federal government. Most low paying jobs do no have private insurance. Some of the above is covered by Workers Insurance that is provincially run should you get injured on the job.

In Ontario OHIP costs, are added as a surtax to your income tax for those earning over 40,000 starting at $300.

Specialist, hospital stays, and limited home care are free as are our personal GPs. If you have a doctor that is not up to par, it is hard to get a new GP.

You have to have proper identification that is a photo health card. We must pay for phone in requests, and some other minor non medical costs, like the doctor filling out forms.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered don’t know about abortion as the only clinic is in Toronto. Our local hospitals do not do them.

We do have a shortage of doctors this requires people without a family doctor to go to a province run clinics until a doctor becomes available.

New immigrants have to be working to be covered and be here a specific length of time.

Prescriptions are not covered, but there is coverage for the extreme poor, but it has to be applied for the Trillium Fund.

Hospitals are hit the worse with the rising cost of health care. Beds are shut down to control costs, surgerys are booked months in advance, and it takes months to get into a specialist. Heart and cancer specialist have the shortest wait list 1 - 3 weeks.

Under your plan I don’t know how hospitals will be treated as state owned or open market. Open market is probably better as you will get much more in modern equipment and new therapies.

I think health care is a good idea, I just wonder how will the elderly be taken care of as they do not have an employer to get insurance coverage from? Will they be getting more or less coverage than what they are getting currently???

Thanks for reading.

Governments raise costs and reduce benefits. There is no free lunch. Governments are only parasites; they cannot produce wealth.

Please give us a clue where you got this information.

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