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Hello everybody!

I would like some advice for an upcoming presentation I have to give on “heterosexism.” My health teacher (a very well meaning and respectable teacher, by the way), is teaching a unit she calls the “-isms,” as part of our overall stress unit. Other students are doing projects on religious intolerance, racism, sexism, agism, etc. As part of our presentation we must have a guest speaker, which in our case is a “married” lesbian woman.

I don’t want to be seen supporting anything other than what the Church teaches, but I don’t want to be rude or offensive either. Currently our plans for the presentation are rather generic, just focusing on statistics and how homosexuals are treated in general (hopefully not bringing up marriage). However I am very nervous about what our guest might say, although I know I have very little control over that. I am also worried that, if I have to defend my position, I might say something wrong and come off as offensive.

The presentation is set to be on Thursday.

Any suggestions would be helpful, prayers would be appreciated as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

My advice would be to leave Georgetown.

You have the right idea. Just try to be quiet about it all, you won’t be changing anyone’s mind. :thumbsup:

First off…who in the world picked your guest “expert”? The fact that you have a married and active lesbian will speak louder than anything that you can offer.

Me? I’d just sit there and get your grade based on the facts and materials that you might offer but this is an exercise in doublethink and doubletalk no matter what anyone says. There is no such thing as “heterosexism” because most of the planet is actually hetero,

The fact that most people prefer to hang with others like themselves is pretty self evident.

People need to relearn the simple skill of telling other people they frankly don’t care what they think and just walk off and not let the people with the agendas get the feelings all hurt and if they do…you don’t have to own that problem.

Who comes up with this kind of stuff as a curriculum? No wonder our students have such a hard time competing in their education because this is not education…it’s mind control and political correctness indoctrination.

Get the heck outta that class…


Well you can present the facts without taking a side, like you said. Heterosexism certainly exists in the strictest sense of the word as far as the wikipedia definition is concerned. (I mean, in the same way that “Fordism” is the attitudes, biases and discrimination not in favor of Ford cars.) You don’t need to make any normative judgments in your presentation. Just give them the facts and let the audience worry about the rest?

Thanks everybody!

I’m glad I have the right idea, and the class is only a semester, so it ends next week.

Thanks again for the advice, prayers still appreciated! :slight_smile:

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