Health insurance other than Cobra


Anybody here have any ideas/experience for (less expensive) health insurance coverage other than Cobra? One particulary with a pre-existing condition. I’m just wondering if I can get insurance at a lesser price. Thought I’d check here for ideas…thanks in advance.

God bless


It depends what kind of coverage you want/need.

We have periodically had catastrophic temporary coverage, I believe through Assurant Health. Recently we considered going with (they have lots of options), even though they were advertised on TV by Billy Mays.

In the end we ended up buying family coverage through DH’s university’s health plan. As long as you go to the university hospital or use the university’s network of doctors, copays are really low. If that is at all an option for you, I’d look into it.

Nothing will probably match the coverage you had through your former employer, though.


Outside of working for a good company - Good luck.

I’ve worked for companies that had excellent health coverage for my entire family for $250 out of pocket per month. Coverage was okay.

Then I went out on my own. No insurance. Well, we had cobra for the max time allotted. After that it’s nothing but Divine Providence. Which we’re better for anyway. Sure we don’t eat what we want but God provides.

You know, depending on what state you’re in don’t forget to look into any state sponsored health care plans for those who make under a certain amount. With the fall of the economy we finally can be approved for such a program but if you fall outside of the criteria (at least in my state) you can always pay a premium for health coverage which is still a super deal although the coverage may not be top notch.

Also, some Catholic doctors may be willing to work with you. Or at least ask for a ‘cash discount’ which is what my wife does - and it works. There’s usually two different rates; one for those with insurance - one without. Cash is cheaper.


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