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I have been thinking a lot about the HHS mandate. I have been trying to see if it is possible as an employee to find a plan that doesn't cover ABC. Of coarse Google gives me nothing. Then I got to thinking. Let's say I work for a company that thinks ABC is the best thing in the world. I will have no choice but to subscribe to their package or pay fines next year.

Then I have also been thinking that we already do fund ABC in Medicaid through our taxes. Even if the pending lawsuits about the HHS mandate are won, a person may still end up working for a company that provides ABC in their package. Am I not still supporting a form of evil if this is the case? It seems unavoidable at this point....


You are fine. You are not formally cooperating with evil.


Do remember that there are legitimate medical reasons someone may need hormonal BCPs other than to prevent pregnancy…


The points above are excellent. Contraception, in of itself, is not evil. There are Catholic hospitals in the US that, for example, administer Plan B in cases of rape, provided that the victim does not test positive for pregnancy and/or ovulation.

In that case, preventing ovulation and a pregnancy is not an offense against chastity, it is self defense against an unjust aggressor. Since conception has not yet occurred there is no other innocent yet involved.

Of course, contraceptives can be used immorally. But so can many things that a typical health plan may cover. If you, yourself, do not put these services to evil purposes than, as noted above, you have no direct connection to any evil involved.

Pax Christi


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