Health vs family?

I’m thinking about going to visit some family but there are some complications that may result in 1 full day of hunger (and I’m talking about real rather dire hunger not just “I’m hungry” hunger).

That brings up some interesting questions:

  1. in what way is the family superior to the individual and in what way is the individual superior to the family?

and 2) should I go to visit family members, even though it will damage my health -what’s more important?

I doubt anyone will be able to give you an absolute answer to this. It would depend on so many factors which you have not shared. It’s up to your prudential judgment whether the pros of visiting your family outweigh the cons.

I have a hard time imagining why visiting your family would mean no food (not even granola bars or something you could take with you?), but I’ll take your word for it. I will say that most people can get by ok without food for one day, though it’s obviously not fun. I’ve done it, and I have a high metabolism and become hungry very quickly. Some people are more sensitive though, and then there are people who are ill. Again, it’s a prudential judgement that you have a lot more information for than we do.

So there’s no inherent difference in value between health and family? To solve this problem I’d like to get a second opinion on what is more important.

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