Healthy baby born to woman who was brain-dead most of pregnancy


ANCHORAGE — A baby girl born to a woman who was clinically brain dead during most of the pregnancy appears to healthy and thriving.

The child has been named Faith.

Faith’s mother, 29-year-old Jessie Avagalria, had a seizure and a heart attack at the end of January. Treating physicians discovered she was pregnant.


Praying for them.


Joining in prayers for the family.


From the linked article:

The family decided to support the pregnancy by putting Avagalria on life support — a feeding tube, an IV and oxygen. At the same time, they listed her as DNR because they did not want her to suffer in any way.

Faith was delivered by C-section in Avagalria’s 35th week of pregnancy.

Sadly, Ayagalria never regained brain wave activity. Her family will raise the baby in her hometown of Bethel, Alaska.

Perhaps I’m misreading this, but it seems as though the mother was removed from life support as soon as the baby was delivered and the mother died as a result of the DNR order. If the family didn’t think she was suffering on life support before the baby was delivered, why would they think she was or would be suffering on life support after the baby was delivered? If this is the way this went down, how was the mother not being treated as an incubator?


While I am happy that the baby survived and is now born and healthy, I have to wonder what kind of moral implications there might be for such a situation. Does anyone know what the Church’s principles and guidelines would teach about a situation like this?

Meanwhile, I will pray for them.


Since the c-section was done when the baby was only at 35 weeks, perhaps the mother’s condition had deteriorated.


The article says they had her declared DNR at the same time that she was put on life support, which implies to me that she could not have been declared dead at the time. DNR = “do not resuscitate” and only applies to living people.

Pretty sketchy report with imprecise language, but I don’t see where it says she was brain dead.


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