Healthy Eating and Contraception

I am looking for a defense of the Church’s position on contraception that is based on eating healthy food and taking the pill at the same time.

Doing both to me seems contradictory. The pill has multiple, serious, side effects. Therefore, why take the pill to prevent pregnancy and also eat healthy food.
Why not just eat a nice slice of chocolate cake instead. Go ahead, you see it. You want it. Make a chocolate cake or buy one. There. Don’t you feel better. Now think about a good answer to my question.

Keep in mind that if you base your moral justifications on the health consequences, you’ll need to be ready to change your stance if a healthy, nutritious, contraceptive method becomes widely available.

Good point! It never made sense to me. I’ll be on the lookout for more good answers to debate people on the web with.

(I like that you chose chocolate cake when your location says “near a bakery” :slight_smile: )

Blue Eyed Lady,
I’m point out one contradiction in the use of contraceptives. Once we have natural, no-side-effect contraceptives, I’ll seek another approach.

At the moment, I’m looking for an apologetic for the natural food/pill use to prevent babies, i.e. the pill kills.

Do some people actually think that it is a sin to eat a piece of chocolate cake? That’s news to me. In the old days, sex was considered sinful (except for married people), but you could eat anything you wanted to. Nowadays, it seems like everyone thinks that sex in all kinds of circumstances is just fine, but eating something like chocolate cake is sinful? The food police are really going overboard!

Listener, nope, de nope, de nope. Eat cake. Good. Approved by the Church. Nice, smooth, rich, desirable, and cattywampus. Floss your teeth with orange peels as you consume vast quantities of this delicious cake. French Roast coffee with real cream, not the imitation corn syrup-high fructose-milk solids carton of creamer in the store.

Now back to the question at hand. How can I convince someone who is into natural foods that taking contraceptives is bad for them?

Do they consume hormone free milk?

If they do than they should take pains to also avoid horrmones in the birth control pill.

Thanks, hormone free milk is a good arrow for the quiver in this specific type of discussion. The whole direction of the apologetic it to have them consider NFP as a birth spacing and generating method. In this way the couple will love each other more by growing closer together as they respect their bodies more and more.

Let’s say you convice them that the pill is bad for their health…so they switch to using condoms.

Sorry, I just don’t see the point of this. It’s a red herring and will likely undermine your position more than strengthen it.

Keep in mind that many healthcare professionals will dispute your health concerns regarding the pill anyway. Moreover, many healthcare professionals now even advocate women going on the pill for a time during their adulthood quite regardless of contraception, because they argue that women should naturally have breaks from their cycle - in past generations, these breaks were achieved through higher birth rates. I’m not saying I agree - and I have no medical training to comment either way - but that is what you are up against.

Stick to moral arguments, not health ones. You will note the arguments found in Church teaching have nothing to do with the specific health consequences of any given contraceptive method. And the pill is just one of many methods, so are you going to mount separate arguments for each?

This is a highly rarified apologetic. I am developing it for someone who is heavily focused on health food as a way of life, as health food and good health as the ultimate good but still uses contraception.

Consider this reply by health person: Stop being all cattywumpus with your fancy arguments. I feel good. And I don’t want to be confused because my feeling tell me it is right.

So, this is not simply a rational argument; rather, I am attempting to take what they already believe, build on that and ask a series of questions that will lead them to realize that taking contraception, even with condoms is not good for them-- especially when the condoms leak, or when the excitement is high and no condom goes on.

Therefore, the point of this apologetic is not for the general public, rather it is for the health food. The whole point is to lead them gently into the truth, let them make a decision and offer them NFP, which is 100% healthy.

Why not use both moral and health arguments?

Yes, using a common ground approach is one way to ensure a discussion which is way more productive than an argument.

Because the health arguments are weak. Thus, they make the Catholic position seem weak.

Even if you convince a woman not to take the pill, due to (debatable) health issues, you have not convinced her to not use contraception. She may then choose a different method. That’s why I say it’s a red herring.

Sorry but I’m missing the point. Taking the pill or any ABC to prevent pregnancy is morally unacceptable and a sin of grave matter.
Eating healthy or unhealthy is not immoral and has nothing to do with preventing pregnancy.
I don’t see how the two are related and the person doing this will not care if you try to link the two by saying the pill is bad for them healthwise.

thistle, why bother eating healthy if you take a pill that is a carcinogen? One action contradicts the other.

No. She is taking it to prevent pregnancy.

The arguments you are making simply will be water off a duck’s back to that person.
I would never argue against ABC from the healthy living aspect. I would always argue it from the Church teaching.

Are there bakeries in France? Yes
Are there bakeries in Japan? Yes
Where am I living? Anywhere there is a bakery.

Also, thanks for the compliment. I think this is a good approach to use with all natural food and only natural food people who use the pill.

Ok, I think I know the kind of person you are talking about- maybe a Food Babe following type of lady? Who doesn’t eat things with food coloring or preservatives, who reads labels and knows not to buy bread with dough conditioners in it? Who would never eat chocolate flavored syrup but might have pure cocoa sprinkled on her latte? Organic fruits only please? Yes, I know a lot of ladies like that.

The route to take, imho, is to slowly back into the discussion. To agree carefully and thoroughly on the food intake first, using phrases like “we are what we eat” and “every bite of our food affects who we are and how we feel”. And don’t think I’m being sarcastic with my comments- I actually agree with this! My son is gluten intolerant and my husband is allergic to half the world… we eat very, very carefully. I read labels and mostly eat from scratch.

Anyway, once she knows you are being sincere, the conversation can carefully blend over to “other things that can poison us”… And here you might have to come up with what she can tolerate or be interested in. Electromagnetic radiation? tap water with dregs of who knows what in it? Air pollution increasing asthma incidence yearly? etc. and then casually slip in, “and I’ve read that the unnecessary prescribing of medications is actually very harmful as well…fill in more info…long term use of however you want to carefully say it…”

Perhaps you can have a decent conversation with her. I hope so- but in the end, no one can change her mind except her, of course.

Saved by Grace,
Yes, this is exactly what I mean. You have articulated more perfectly what I have feebly attempting to express. We must ride the same bus with someone to help them get off at our stop. Thanks much.

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