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As some of you know I’m starting school in a couple weeks. I’ll have class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I’m so worried about gaining weight. I won’t be getting home until 8:30 so that means I won’t get eating dinner until around 8:45 to 9:00. Do any of you have some healthy eating ideas? I know I don’t want to sit down and eat a steak since I’ll be going to be going to bed soon. But I don’t want to be starving all night long. I really want something that is super quick. I want to be able to relax and not have a really messy kitchen that I’ll need to clean…I also don’t want to have to have sandwiches every single day :o


It sounds like you might want to consider switching up your meals. Instead of having a small breakfast, moderate lunch and large dinner, have a large breakfast, moderate lunch, and small dinner. Also, be sure to pack snacks like fruits and veggies to keep you feeling full while you’re in classes. (This will also reduce the temptation to hit the vending machines!)



Why not eat between classes? You can pack all sorts of healthy foods and munch all day so you won’t be hungry when you get home. Also, will you have an hour or so between classes to go to the campus gym and work out or take a weight training or exercise class?


I work full time so I’m going to school at night. My classes are from 5:30 to 8:05. I get off work at 5:00 so I won’t have any time to eat before I go to class unless I eat in my car while I’m driving.


You should pack something you can eat after work on your way to class–b/c if you are starving all night you won’t be able to concentrate and get the most out of your classes. I’d focus on protein (sliced cheese, sliced deli meat, cottage cheese, pb, hard-boiled egg, nuts + a bag of sliced fruit/veggies–not something that is mostly empty sugar/carbs.

When you get home have a salad. Chop the lettuce and veggies ahead of time and keep in ziplocs or tupperware. Buy a baked deli chicken and dice it up. Use low fat dressing. Another easy and healthy meal is a stir fry. Again–prep your ingredients ahead of time and all you have to do is heat up a pan and toss it all together.

It doesn’t sound like your schedule leaves much time for exercise–but if you’re trying to stay in shape/control your weight you’ll need to fit that in as well. It is also a great stress reliever. Good luck!


Having taken 3 hour classes in college, you’ll be given a 10 - 15 minute break during your class, so you can eat then. Also, you can usually eat/drink during the class as long as you’re not causing a disruption. Even though you won’t have time to exercise on your full days, park as far away as possible at work and at school so that you can at least walk a little. Also, take the stairs (if you have to work or go to class on a non-ground level floor).


Excellent idea! I lost tons of weight after my first baby when hubby and I switched lunch and dinner–we’d have our big cooked meal for lunch and a small light supper. It’s going a little slower this go around (but I’m also eating more and exercising less).

Here’s an idea, although I know you said you don’t want sandwiches everyday. You can have a nice big breakfast with eggs and fruit and the works. What do you normally do for lunch? Depending on that, you might want to eat more for lunch or possibly keep it the same. Then you can pack a sandwich to eat in the car between work and college. When you get home you can have something small like a yogurt cup and an orange or something like that. Because you’ll be at college for 3 hours, I’m sure you’ll have at least 10 minutes of break time in there. You can also eat a piece of fruit or another snack then to keep your energy up.

If you do this only on the days you go to school, you don’t have to worry about having sandwiches every single day–only Monday through Wednesday :wink:


I think that’s excellent advice :slight_smile: But skip the low-fat dressing. Fat is good. And don’t go with deli meats. Use real meats, sliced up. Roast beef is a good, easy meat that you can usually get sliced up at a deli, but at least it’s real meat and not some bologna nonsense. :smiley: At a grocery store you might be able to pick up a rotisserie chicken, already fully cooked, and cut it up at home. Cheese, nuts and hard-boiled eggs are all good things that will nourish and sustain you and are easy to carry around. With all that walking from class to class, I doubt a diet like that will give you weight problems. If you do find yourself gaining too much weight, try to incorporate some coconut oil into your diet. It’s extremely healthy, even considered a superfood, and it’s good for weight loss. Spread it on toast, mix it into your oatmeal, or saute your vegetables in it.


Find some of the trail mix that is mostly dried fruit with some nuts to take with you to eat between work and class.

Something quick and easy for dinner – try an omelette with diced tomatoes, fresh spinach, maybe some grilled onions, and a little feta cheese. It’s one of my favorites.

If you want something super easy and good - a can of split pea or lentil soup is always good.


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