Healthy elderly couple chose to die together by assisted suicide so one not left on own


An elderly husband and wife have revealed their plans to become the world’s first couple to die by assisted suicide.

Neither of the euthanasia hopefuls are terminally ill, but say they fear loneliness if one dies before the other.

The couple – only identified by their first names of Francis, 89, and Anne, 86 – always go out shopping together to guard against dying alone.


When I first read the headline, I assumed that the couple had no children. According to the article they have 3, and none would be able to care for their remaining parent??


They sound very sad & lonely. They are probably terrified of what the future holds.
Honestly, they need a lot of prayer.


very sad :frowning:


Odd, isn’t it? And also very sad if none of the children wants to pitch in to care for their aging parent(s).


How sad. That news causes me to believe they do not know the loving Lord, and that He is with them on every step of their journey in this life, no matter what it entails.

I pray our Lord reveals Himself to them, and removes all fear.


The article seems to indicate the kids are supportive of the parent’s desire. Kind of puts a unique spin on that whole “honor your mother and father” thing.:frowning:


I guess honor thy mother and father is now “honor thy mother and father until it becomes inconvenient”.


Maybe the 3 kids don’t know about it, and if they did, they could try to change their parents’ minds.


A quote from the article:

"It is as simple as this – we are afraid of what lies ahead.”

Very sad that fear is ruling the day for them. :frowning:


The article says that their three children support their decision (and even found the practitioner for them) and have stated that they could not care for one of their parents should the other one die.


This is strange, and very sad. It also touches me personally. I’m almost in that situation myself.

I was never married, and I have no siblings. My father died in 1976 so my only immediate family was my mother. Like this elderly couple she feared being alone. So I stayed with her until she passed on 14 years ago. Therefore, I think between the kids this couple has, they can take turns staying with 1 of the parents if the other dies. Isn’t that the way things were, and should be? I believe so.

But now I’m alone. I’m in poor health and I have no savings left. I can no longer work, due to poor health, and the few friends I once had are gone. So I’ve been alone 10 years now, and all I’m doing is waiting to die. This is terrible, but it seems to be my situation. If euthanasia was legal in the USA I’d be seriously considering it. I don’t believe we should take our own lives, but I don’t know how much more loneliness I can handle.

I need prayers too.


Geo, I’m very sorry for your situation and will certainly pray for you.




Geo, have you looked into senior companion programs (I assume you are a senior) in your area? A lot of these are volunteer-run or state-run and may not cost you anything. Even with your poor health, is there any volunteering or mentoring you could do to keep busy? Any senior centers nearby? Have you seen these?:


Boomerang, You don’t understand. I can’t help anyone else anymore, except for typing on this PC. I need help. I’m so despondent at this point I don’t know what to do. I plan to call Catholic charities. But I’m very far from them.


By all means then, call Catholic Charities. They may have some connection with senior companion programs that Boomerang mentioned or perhaps a live-in nurse that doesn’t cost a fortune. Are you able to care for an adult pet? Companionship is essential for you and all of us.


Hello Abyssinia.

This isn’t a new. They won’t be the first. I haven’t the time to look it up, but it was done by others.



Prayers on the way. You might also consider seeking counselling through your spiritual advisor and/counselor as well. It can make a big difference to sit and discuss your fears/issues with someone.


Very sad.

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