Heard back from my parish re: NFP!


HIP HIP HOORAY! :extrahappy: I’m so happy, I heard back from the parish manager today…she apologized…she was on vacation this past week…she directed me to some great sources, and said that there are several ob/gyn’s in our parish, but they don’t advertise…she gave me a few links in our immediate area that should lead me to the right doc! I prayed about this last night…that God will help us find a good doc, and why hasn’t the parish manager reached out to me yet? God is probably like…‘I should have put more patience in you, while I was creating you, my child.’:o I need to work on that.

Anyways–just sharing–my husband said last night to get the doc appt underway, and this going. He also said that he will prayerfully discern if this is God’s will for our lives…he apologized for joking about it, and getting angry about it at times. He said, but it’s important not to rush any decisions in life–let’s pray about it and at the end of Q1, we will come to a decision…

End of Q1? ha My husband is very analytical, so he needs a timeline for prayer over this, I guess. lol

Thanks for listening…just wanted to let you all know that our parish got back to us!:yup:


That’s awesome you had such a great response from your parish!

LOL about “Q1”… it’s good to have a timeline, I guess!?! HAHA!


Q1 sounds like my Hubby :smiley:


Have you guys thought of attending a Christopher West seminar? It might spark some romance in your hubby.



Thank you for the link. My dh is quite romantic, indeed…BUT…it’s the procreative part that we are getting back to…and following the RCC’s teachings. I wish we had a greater understanding of it all early in our marriage, because this hill wouldn’t be so hard to climb. But, hey–we at least know what to do now! I am at least encouraged that he is very interested in doing NFP, and going to the doc with me.



Memo: To God
Subject: Marriage and New Bebe

God, Please check your calender for open dates, toward the end of 1Q08 re. the this subject event. If this is not convenient for you please respond back with your availability in 2Q08.

Best Regards,
WG’s Husband

Hehe:p :smiley:

Sorry, WG I could not resist.:smiley: :smiley:


:rotfl: hahahaha That is him! hahaha
I have to do a lot of reporting at work too…so the whole Q1 thing is funny. He said at the end of Q1, I could see us having enough time to come up with a conclusive decision.:nerd:

He is romantic though, believe it or not. ha:p


I think its time that a Man who understands a MAN’s thinking and especially WG’s MAN say that “cut the guy some slack!!”

By the way, parenting is or should be about organization!!

Congrats Sharon


Hi Matthew–hahahaha You and my dh are most certainly pragmatic thinkers. Just the facts, please, my husband says…leave all the emotion out, just give me the facts. lol It has its annoying moments though believe me…he has learned over the years that life isn’t only about facts.:slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say leave ALL emotion out as otherwise the couch would be all DH’s new bedroom but some would be good. I remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” where Rita Wilson got all emotional about the movie “An Affair to remember” and Tom Hanks and Victor Garber mimicked her emotions with the movie “The Dirty Dozen”!! Priceless scene!!!


Well…I had cause to celebrate a moment ago…but, after reviewing the website links…these are non profit crisis centers for young pregnant women? How is this going to help me, I don’t know…but I’m going to call this number given to see if they can point me in the right direction, at least. One step forward…another step back…there are hardly any female doc up where I live either…I have been looking in the yellow pages for ob/gyn, and like maybe one, and she doesn’t teach NFP. I hope this hill doesn’t turn into a mountain.:frowning:


It could be that the doctors volunteer there.


Oh my, I am in trouble. Is someone going to come and confiscate my kids? Because I am SO not organized. You should see the piles of laundry around here…

Anyway, congrats, WG. Glad to hear you are getting some help on this challenging journey!


It helps you that your husband is analytical, because the more he learns about NFP, the more he will see that it is good for YOU!



My hubby is a very logical, analytical, engineer-type of guy, and he really appreciates the science behind NFP.


Say’s who? and if it’s true, our 6 children are in trouble! :o :smiley:



Says a single guy who never babysat a day in his life. :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :bowdown: :bowdown:


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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