Heard something regarding TV show "The walking dead" in regards to the second coming


I was talking to a friend of my dad, he is a parishioner at our CC (St Henry), somehow this TV show came up in conversation, I have watched a few episodes and can say I do enjoy it, I think its a pretty accurate portrayal of how the public would react to such an event .

This guy told me the TV show is going to go in a more religious ‘angle’ in upcoming shows, as someone will make the connection about the dead literally coming back and walking the earth again before jesus comes again, he thinks this is how the series will end, with Jesus coming.

So this got me thinking about the bible verse that refers to the dead walking the earth again, people literally being raised from the dead…but I dont think it says whether the returned dead will be hostile towards the living or…?? I guess anything is possible, but I can say, if Im alive when this happens, I DO NOT look forward to this taking place!!

Does anyone else think this show could be accurate as to what will happen when this bible verse happens?


No. It’s complete fiction. (and I say that as a fan)


Yeah, the series is fiction. It’s based on a comic book series. I once had a vague acquaintance with the guy who went on to create the comic (he used to work at the comic book store I frequented).

Nothing in the NT accounts of the Resurrection indicates that the risen dead will be cannibalistic zombies. Quite the opposite, in fact! They will be glorified like the risen Christ. Fear not.

Mikekle, I am wondering if maybe you should try laying off the UFO and zombie and Second-Coming-is-tomorrow literature for awhile. I love all that stuff too, but I don’t get quite so invested in it as you seem to.



Well, if the bible is right, then MOST of the risen dead will not be glorified in Christ, as most will have died and gone on to hell (bible states not many will make it to heaven), so its hard to even guess what these ‘risen dead’ will be like…but if they are to be part of Satans army against God, somehow Im betting they wont be friendly or nice to be around.


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