Heard that a priest advised someone that invitrofertilization is licit if natural means were unfruitful

Evidently, there’s many liberal priests out there. shouldn’t I report this priest to his bishop? Very disconcerting that a priest is offering advice contrary to Church teaching!

Evidently? You haven’t mentioned any “evidence”.

You should confirm this report and ask the priest about it before you even consider reporting him to the bishop.

Throughout our lives, we “hear” many things. Should we endeavor to find the names of those Priests and confront them directly, as Christ taught us? Or, are we simply gossiping here?

Agree with previous posters.

Your first step is to speak to the priest in question and ask him what he said, to confirm that you won’t be spreading a malicious lie.

Then, IF the priest shows clearly that he believes something contrary to Catholic teaching, get back to him and show him just where in the CCC is teaches the opposite, and see if he is open to discussion.

THEN, after he has shown that he is knowingly contradicting Catholic teaching, and is actually misinforming others intentionally, you talk to the Bishop.

To be more clear, my cousin related to me her conversation regarding ivf with her parish priest. As per this priest’s advice she went ahead with the ivf procedure.
Before I would report this priest to his bishop, I would first have a talk with him.

It’s a valid generalization


I know it’s on the mortal sin list, but is invitro-fertilization an “inherently evil sin in itself” or a “non-inherently evil sin” which leads to greater sins?

Any priests out there who can answer?

It doesn’t
take a priest to know destroying embryos is evil in itself.

In vitro-fertilization is intrinsically evil. No exceptions.

I belive that there are some priests that make statements against the teachings of the Church. Some do it intentionally and some while trying to be too diplomatic do not realize that what they say is wrong. I also believe that when a priest is being pastoral some people hear only what they want to hear and nothing else. I would not trust anyone reporting something like that.

Good points

That many priests are pro IVF?

Oh, I honestly did not know that it destroys embryos. I knew it was wrong, but didnt know why. :blush:


Actually it’s wrong because it separates procreation from sexual intercourse and introduces third parties into it. It is the opposite side of the contraception coin. The destruction of any “extra” embryos (some have all embryos implanted) is an additional sin.

Unfortunately there are priest that mislead their flock in an attempt to be pastoral. I have one friend who got a vasectomy after his pastor told him it was okay since they had 6 children and had proven they were open to life. His reasoning was it was better for him to get the vasectomy then risk a divorce if they got pregnant again. :nope:

I find that almost beyond belief, both the advice of the priest, and the notion that a pregnancy should give rise to a divorce. Has neither the couple nor their priest heard of NFP?

Typically, you would first want to speak fraternally with the priest in question. There is the possibility that you may have heard him incorrectly or that he expressed his view clumsily and intended to convey another message than the one you received. Or there is the possibility that he actually may be misinformed.

Before doing so, I would become very familiar with the Church’s Magisterium on the subject. I would suggest studying the 1988 CDF document Donum Vitae (Instruction on respect for human life in its origin and on the dignity of procreation) which is the authoritative document with respect to IVF, artificial insemination, and other techniques.

When talking with the priest in question, I would also suggest that you be very tactful and very, very receptive to the idea that you may have simply misunderstood him as the first possibility. (Even if you are certain that he said what he said, such an approach would likely be better received than an outright accusation).

Also, try to get some objective evidence of him making the statement (a note in the Mass bulletin, an email, a recording of a homily, or whatever). The reason for this is that if you are unsuccessful in talking with the priest in question and need to go to his bishop, it’s always best to approach the bishop with hard evidence (that prevents a “he said she said” scenario).

Again, with the bishop, I would be tactful and very respectful of the priest. You don’t want to sound like you’re dropping a dime on one of his priests, but, rather that you are concerned for the state of all the souls involved.

Whatever you do, do it in writing. And keep copies of correspondence you’ve sent as well as correspondence you’ve received on the matter.

If the bishop does not correct the situation or, worse, if he backs up his priest, you should be prepared to go to the CDF on the situation. In that case, you will absolutely need to have written evidence of the steps you’ve taken and proof that this situation happened in the first place (because the first thing the CDF will do is to make an inquiry of the bishop…and if you haven’t provided them with some proof, you will be very easy to be blown off…on the other hand, it wouldn’t be so easy if you provide substantiation with your question / accusation.

You may wish to consult this handy little set of tips from Father Z on the subject.

Read more books so your reading comprehension will improve

Yes, afraid so. They fertilize several, implant one or two and freeze or destroy the rest.

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