Heard this joke on Home Prarie Companion show

Three guys decide to go to a hockey game; to get drunk and raise a little rucus, cuss at the referee and so on.

When start walking down the aisle to their seats, they see two nuns sitting in the row directly in front of their seats. They reasoned that they could not have their kind of fun at the game with nuns sitting there, so they decided to make insulting comments about Catholics to each other to get the nuns to leave.

So the first guy says to his buddies, “I’m going to move to the other side of town; there are no Catholics there.” The second guy replies with “Oh, yeah? I’m moving to a different city just north of here. There are no Catholics there”. The third guy then chimes in with “Well, I’m thinking of moving to Utah; there are no Catholics there”.

One of the nuns turns around and says, “Why don’t you three just go to hell? There are no Catholics there”.


Hee hee. I like “Prairie Home Companion,” too.

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