Hearing God

Hello I was just wondering how do I hear God? I pray and talk to God alot and pray the rosary and I was just wondering how does God speak back to us?? Any prayer tips or methods to listen to God?? Thankyou and God Bless!

there is no prayer technique guaranteed to give you mystical experiences, emotional highs, or make you hear voices. All prayer is conversation with God which means it is a two way street. as in any conversation, the other person responds when you allow and invite them to respond. That means silence, first and foremost, an interior receptive welcoming silence that should be part of all prayer.

the most common ways God speaks are the obvious, through his scripture, which is why scripture should be part of every Christian’s daily prayer. Then God speaks through his Church, who guards and transmits his revelation, through the bishops and priests in their teaching and preaching offices, and through those commissioned to teach the faith in classes, books, apostolates etc…

God can certainly speak personally to individuals in prayer, but in his time, not because we demanded it through actions of our own.

good response :thumbsup: nothing i can add he said it all God bless y’all

Once in a while, stop talking or praying and just listen…it is often during times of silence that we hear God the clearest. The Desert Fathers, monastics and religious orders knew this centuries ago; the rest of us often don’t realize that God’s response is too often drowned out by the “noise” that surrounds us and permeates our lives.

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