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Hi all!
I’m in a bit of confusion and figured I’d post on here to hear what others have to say about this. When it comes to hearing God’s voice, how do you know it’s Him speaking to you? There have been a few times now (mostly with men and thinking I’m being called to matrimony) where I’ve thought I’ve heard Him clear as a bell. For example, for just over a month now (I know it’s not long), I was talking to a man I had met on Catholic Match. We hit it off and I thought the conversation was going really well… But now, I’m pretty sure I’ve been “ghosted”, as the kids say these days. And while I am disappointed, I’m not bitter about it. Here’s the thing, before this man started growing distant and stopped talking to me, I couldn’t have been more positive that this was what God wanted me to do with my life. Every time I think I hear Him, boom! Plot twist. It doesn’t work out… So, I’d love to hear from anyone who has found their calling in life and how they knew it was what God wanted of them.


Sounds like you may be getting in too much of a hurry. First of all, do you think your vocation is to marriage? If not, then the first step is to back up a bit and discern religious life first. Then, if you do think your vocation is to marriage, then go forward. No matter what, make sure you are always in a state of grace and growing in your love for God.

God doesn’t reveal Himself in one fell swoop, but by many small encounters over many days, weeks, or months. Peace begins to reign, slowly and surely. Not excitement. Not zealousness. Peace. Do not fall for the trap that some magical answer is going to fall into your lap.


Hearing God’s calling - swapping emails - being disappointed - plot twists ?

Talk to a Priest.


Discerning your vocation (marriage or some sort of religious life) is best done with a Spiritual Director. Contact your Diocese to find one near you.


Vocation comes first then… finding the person, or order or some such. It sounds a little like you may be rushing things. I know it can happen in that order but I tried it that way and it was the wrong way. If an older and hopefully wiser person can give advice I’d say, first get an idea what the vocation call is in general terms ie marriage, religious life, single life etc. Before looking for the marriage partner. Also don’t expect to find your marriage partner on try number one, it could happen but in real life it’s a bit more work than that in most cases. As for hearing God’s call, pray, pray pray. Oh and then pray some more. Go to mass more often than the usual Sunday if you can and try to make a weekly adoration hour or part thereof and have a lot of patience. God will lead you to your vocation, but in His own time, ie when the time is right, not when you think it’s right. In what I’ve heard and experienced that seems to mean a lot more waiting around than the average person seems to want, but in the end it’s the perfect amount of time. So be prepared to let God lead you and set the pace, which is a lot harder than it sounds. God bless


When emotions become involved like the situation you’ve described, we often “hear” what we want to hear. Discernment, my friend, is what’s required. That’s the simple answer, but simple should never be taken to mean “easy”. Most of us wade through a mess of circumstances before we ever get things even partially figured out. Blessings to you. :slight_smile:


I’ve been told God doesn’t speak to us. But I know I’ve had conversations with someone who led me to a deeper relationship with our Lord & our Lady. Most likely a Saint… but, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize that where I am is where God wants me to be. My challenge is to respond to what God presents to me, every moment of every day in the spirit of the Gospel.

I wasn’t spiritually awake when I realized I was meant to be married & have kids. Basically I was in a minor car accident, after which I appreciated it wasn’t worse, that I was still alive & what a gift life is. But the main thought in my mind, was that I haven’t had any kids yet.

That became my guiding principal. God brought a person into my life that he’d been dangling in front of me for a long time. I realized it wasn’t a coincidence, she also recognized a pattern in her life, bahdah bing, bahdah boom we’ve been married for 27 years, three beautiful daughters & two precious grandbabies later, I’ve never doubted I was meant to be married to this woman.

In my experience I can only see God when I look back. In the moment, I only see me, what I want.

This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want you to be married, but I’m sure he doesn’t want you to be married today. If He did, you’d be married today.

He wants you to be happy, I know this for sure. & if it’s what you want, keep asking.

But remember, always remember, you deserve someone who loves you unconditionally just as you are. The way that God loves you just as you are. Don’t try to be this, or try to be that. Surrender to his love & mercy, & allow Him to transform you as he wishes, as he pleases.


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