Hearing Loss Improved By Adult Stem Cell Research and Treatment

Hearing Loss Improved By Adult Stem Cells
Chloe Sohl, an 18 year old music student at the University of Arizona is reporting that her hearing loss has improved in both ears after her adult stem cell treatment. The left ear improved 50% from being totally deaf and the right ear has regained almost all of her hearing back.

New Stem Cell Research Company In Town -RNL Bio
RNL Bio, a fairly new stem cell research company which has facilities in Seoul, South Korea, Los Angeles and Germantown, Maryland was responsible for this stem cell success story. We covered RNL Bio before when they treated famous artist John Lawson Cullison Jr as seen in this stem cell video for his arthritis

Now, they have released this new lengthy stem cell news story:

Chloe Sohl, an 18-year old college student who majors in music at University of Arizona was suffering from autoimmune hearing loss since the age of 15. Although there is no known cause of her diagnosis, it is a serious disease that slowly damages the organs. Chloe’s father, Dr. Bertram Sohl is a director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, California and her mother, Dr. Veronique Jotterand is an ophthalmologist and Vice Chief of Staff at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California. Even though Chloe’s parents are medical doctors, they felt helpless and
devastated about their daughter’s progressive condition. They tried every possible medication, but Chloe’s condition got worse. The only options they had were for Chloe to use a hearing aid and for her to take medication to slow down her autoimmune system.

Ever since Dr. Sohl met Dr. Jeong Chan Ra, CEO of the firm, they began to see hope in Chloe’s hearing. Dr. Ra established RNL Life Science in California to promote stem cell banking and to introduce the benefit of stem cell therapy through medical tourism. He held a seminar on April 20, 2009 with 30 doctors from Southern California on the topic of adult stem cell therapy in San Pedro, California. Among the attendees was Dr. Sohl, who was stunned at RNL BIO’s achievements in stem cell therapeutics that was able to improve various conditions by stem cell treatment.

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