Hearing music from LGBT supporter

Katy Perry is a popular music maker that I quite enjoy. Problem is she supports LGBT, so please tell me if it’s bad to like her music by of that issue

Your taste in music needs work but morally you’re fine.


Agree with Jan but would probably skip I kissed a girl

I was wondering if the question could be answered without a dig about a person’s taste in music.

OP no, the artist is not the problem but some of the lyrics might be.


I personally think you even listen to music where the lyrics and subject matter are questionable. It’s just music, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with what she’s saying to dance or bop your head to it.

If I listen to tupac I don’t have to be a thug to enjoy it and it’s not a sin if I do enjoy it

Listening to music is not a sin.
Making people who promote sinful things richer and thus give them more of a platform? I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Google Katy Perry & West Ham United :joy:

You’ll regret thinking it’s just for LGBT.

What if the lyrics were

i kissed a horse and like it

Is it still okay to listen too?

That just sounds kinda funny tbh.

Opinions and ideas that are contrary to the Churches teaching is bound to get mixed up with the enjoyable vibe of music, especially if its mainstream.

I love Queen and Freddy Mercury was the biggest queen that ever existed. You’re fine.


Isn’t one of tupacs tracks in the Vatican playlist?

That’s why i said it. It’s funny. But something tells me it wouldn’t sell too well.

In that case i recommend getting music second hand.

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Heh, suppose it would depend on whether it hit the public’s funnybone.

While one reaps what one sows for sure…

Thanks for that. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming::laughing:

How does her being a supporter of the LGBT community make her a bad influence?

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Well there is that issue with the nuns

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Ikr I don’t like certain songs like that 1

Bingo. Also works for books and DVDs.
You get a copy legally (and often cheap)
Artist makes no money off you

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