Heart beats fast while ascending to the Altar

I get a warm sensation whenever I’m up on the altar serving. I feel like someone is hugging me.

My heart beats fast when I’m in line for Holy Communion because I get nervous going up in front of people lol. When I come back and kneel I almost always cry while talking intimately with Him.

I have experienced all sorts of spiritual things during mass. Very strange feelings come over me. They can be very overwhelming. Although I feel honored to experience them they are too much to bear and I thank God that they are few and far between. It would also be difficult to explain the tears.

What are the feelings? Hard to put into words. In it’s simplest form it is God’s presence.

One time in particular I remember looking at the priest and thinking he would drop dead. I didn’t see how he could survive holding the Eucharist. It was very surprising that nothing happened to him at all.

I have often had the thought how the congregation would react if the President or some other VIP should up at mass one day. It would be a big commotion. People would be talking about it for days, weeks and possibly years. But every single day in every mass all around the world the biggest VIP shows up and it is like nothing.

Richard Dawkins thinks I am like a moth flying around a light because of some misfiring of some neurons in my brain. Well why does it happen so infrequently, semi randomly and if I feel it happening and I say please don’t (because I know it will be too overwhelming), it stops? I am just delusional? I am actually a very rational person. I would be a great apologist for atheism except for the fact that God has made himself known in so many different ways. Bertrand Russell claimed there was not enough evidence! What more does he want? God’s footprints and fingerprints are in all his creation. All of creation sings to the glory of God. You just have to open your eyes, heart, mind and soul.

The whole world was made through Jesus Christ. We don’t understand what this means. It does mean that all matter & energy is intimately connected with Jesus Christ. Is it really so strange that some bread and wine can be transformed into His body?

Actually we had a VIP (former UK Prime Minister and star convert Tony Blair) and his wife Cherie show up at our Mass a while back. No-one batted an eyelid. I did tell my mother, but otherwise didn’t get particularly excited about it.

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