Heart is changing and turning towards God

The only way to describe what has happened in my life the past few months have been almost a miracle. After praying for a long time for a change of heart and truly living out the Catholic faith I finally on my way. Since I converted last year and am still fairly new I knew what Catholic living was, but truly didn’t know what it was until seeing some people live it. Since then my heart has been touched and turning more and more towards God. I went from an ABC user who rarely attended mass to a NFP guru, attending mass as much as I can, praying the rosary on a daily basis, and trying to live a life that lines up with church teaching. I finally realized that God is in control of things and that if I want to a live a blessed life I have to give as much as I hope to get. God never fails to amaze me at what he can do :smiley:

Welcome home!

You are truly blessed and I am very thankful to Our Good Lord Jesus for showering you with so many graces and continue to fill you with His Love and draw you closer to Him.

Always cling to Our Good Lord Jesus and follow His most Holy Will.

God bless to you and to all.

Praying for you and for all.

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