Heart of Joseph?


I was speaking with a co-worker today. She mentioned a picture she had displaying the Sacred Heart, the Immaculate Heart and the Heart of Joseph. Joseph’s heart is surrounded by lilies in the image. She said she thinks the Heart of Joseph is referred to as the Peaceful Heart.

I have never heard of this and am SUPER EXCITED about it!!!:extrahappy: However, I cannot seem to find information on it via-internet and therefore cannot begin to track down a book to learn more and an image to display in my own home.

All information provided will be greatly appreciated!!:confused::


While it sounds harmless to me, it could also be a spurious or even condemned devotion.


“demdimples” I searched “Google” but couldn’t find anything on devotion to the heart of St. Joseph. But since he is Patron of the Universal Church… and his heart, is a part of him; a part which so loved Our Blessed Lord and Our Holy Mother, Mary… I think it is probably fine to love the heart of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church… pray for us.

God bless you, dear soul.


Thanks, guys, for your comments, but I do not think it is harmful devotion. Joseph was chosen as the protector of Mary and Jesus and the head of the Holy Family. I doubt that having a devotion to his tender heart is wrong.

I am trying to find information about it not opinions about the heart of Joseph. (Different people have different devotions because we are different.)

However, if someone knows of a condemnation from the Church to be devoted to the heart of Saint Joseph, please do inform me.



I found this… hope it helps.


I like to think of St. Joseph’s heart as one filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit.

There is a good book by Pere Binet called, ‘The Divine Favors Granted St. Joseph’ that is full of beautiful thoughts on all the graces he was given.


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