Heart Surgery, Pray Please


Well I am back after a bit of a hiatius from these forums. I just wanted to ask you all to lift my son Riley up in prayer tomarrow. He will be having heart surgery to replace two of his valves and to repair two others. Ask our Lord and the Blessed Virgin to watch over him, and while you are at it say a few for the rest of us who are there as well.

Riley has Ideopathic Hypertropic Subaortic Stenosis with a Partial Anomalous Pulminary Venus Return. He had his first suregery in 2002 before he turned 2. Now his valves are deteriorating.

Thank you and God Bless.

But for Grace


I will pray for your dear son Riley. :gopray2:

How terribly scary this must be for you? Trust the doctors and trust that God loves your little boy so very much. During the surgery may He hold him in the palm of His hand.

Please let us know how he’s doing.


me too!:gopray2:



Thank you

I know it sounds a bit strange but I have been fairly at peace about it, a little over a week ago I asked our Blessed Mother to hold his soul in her arms while he was in surgery and ever since I have had some semblance of peace in the matter. My wife on the other hand is a nervous wreck. It is the unfortunate circumstance of what happens in some mixed marriages (yes she is protestant, but not irresolutely anti… and I have hope in this matter). We have a good number of family members, and even some pastor friends of her’s (one who is a good friend of mine and urged me back into the Catholic Church during a brief period that I had fallen away many years ago). Perhaps Mary will touch their hearts and lead them home.

God bless

But for Grace


I had bypass surgery, which is less serious, last year. Had occasion to discuss valve surgery with the surgeon who does a many of both. They have made a lot of progress in both in the last few years. With my prayers. - Joe




I will certainly be praying. Please keep us updated.



(Today - Thursday is the surgery… please pray for Riley!)


Adding your Riley to my intentions today. Yet another reason to recognize how fortunate we in the US are to have such incredible medical treatment available. Blessings and peace to all 3 of you during this trial.


Rosary for Riley tonight.


God Bless


thank you everyone

the surgery went well, though it took nearly a full twelve hours. Afterwards the surgeon was very pleased with the results. they kept riley on sedatives and a paralyzing drug throught the night so that the repairs could begin to heal properly. This morning, they allowed him to wake up though they are keeping him fairly sedated so that he does not damage any of the repairs which were done on his heart. they also took the breathing tube out about nine-thirty this morning which they said was certianly ahead of his expected recovery rate which has the doctors (and parents) very pleased with how well he is doing.

thanks again

God Bless


Wonderful news. Your Riley has been on my mind–and I am so relieved the surgery is behind you and he is on his way to recovery. Best wishes for his continued progress…


I work in heart surgery as a CV perfusionist. We are the one’s that keep the patients alive for several hours with the heart/lung machine, drugs, etc…after we stop their heart and lungs. I can attest that if he is extubated (no breathing tube) and not on many drips (i.e. drugs) he must be doing well. I am so glad to hear that. Pediatric heart surgery was always the hardest for me to endure, yet it is the most rewarding. You will continue to be in my prayers.


I will continue to pray for Riley.


From experience - It’s great to have that breathing tube out. With continued prayers - Joe


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