heartbroken :(


I found out the other day that a friend of mine took her own life. This was completly out of her caracter and has really upset her family and friends.please please pray for her and her family. This is all just too sad :frowning: she was sooo young :frowning:




My prayers for you and for the repose of your friend’s soul and her family.


I am so sorry. I will pray for her and her family, and also you.


I will as well.


me too:blessyou:


sorry 2 hear about ur friend peace be with her soul. i’ll pray for her en u. May she rest in the hands of our LORD. May GOD also be with u.


May the Lord welcome her into His loving embrace.

And may He give strength and comfort to you and her loved ones.



Two people dear to me took their own lives, I’m a great believer in “Divine Mercy” and that’s where I leave them, may your friend be enfolded in the Mercy of God.

" Jesus I trust in You "


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