Heat Wave in Australia


We’ve been having a bit of a record breaking heat wave lately. No doubt its probably bitterly cold in most parts of the USA right now, but it’s a bit warm here.


The Birdsville temperature of 48.6 degrees Celsius is equivalent to 119.48 Fahrenheit, which is pretty warm. Birdsville is in the south west corner of Queensland.


“A bit warm” is a bit of an understatement. But, of course, it’s summer there.

I pay some attention, at least, to the El Nino/La Nina cycle. Unfortunately, it is more often than not the case that if the oceanic temperatures in the western Pacific are above average, you get rain and we don’t. If the eastern Pacific temps are above average, we get rain and you don’t.


Hi, I am so sorry it is that warm over there. You must be very uncomfortable. Right now in Boston we are expecting 12 inches of snow. It is 9 degrees Fahrenheit, -28 Celsius.
God bless you all.


Good gravy, that is hot! :eek:

But at least it the heat isn’t deterring the visitors to your fine land. To quote the owner of one hotel:

*“We have a French group leaving here today, they’re driving down through the Flinders Ranges, and we have another group driving from Coober Pedy via William Creek to us today… they’re mad.”

"The funny part about it is you question them about it and they say, ‘Well, we expected Australia to be hot’.

“And then we say, but you don’t understand… grease turns to oil, your vehicle cannot cope with driving in these conditions. And you don’t go driving in 49 degree heat!”


Yes it’s a bit warm, but then I love the heat… Australia is a huge flat country…
It really is big… When you see a world atlas it sure takes up a big section…
It has only really one mountain range… Compared to other countries it’s nothing more than a row of hills… Less than one percent is covered by trees… That’s why it gets so hot…
And this heat wave is just one of many… Some blame the heat on Global warming …which in part is true… But it’s always hot somewhere here… That’s why I love it…


WOW - that calculation seems off. + 9 f = -12 C not -28



Hi Bob,

I hope that everyone stays safe and comfortable.

Right now here in Wisconsin, it has been snowy and cold. Our temperature right now is 3 degrees Fahrenheit, and tonight we have a Wind Chill Advisory out because the wind chill is going to go from -15 to -25 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. We get the cold fronts that move down from Canada.


We’d gladly share some of our heat to warm your cold north-east.
I was thinking this earlier today.
Here it may be hot, but fans are on, windows open, clear blue sky…no complaints! Hotter tomorrow then the temperatures expected to drop for a few days but not where my son is currently working.
I’m sad for the hardships currently endured due to the intense cold in parts of the United States,
and the severe storms and tides in the United Kingdom.

God bless and protect all who are affected.


I’m in the south/Central part of the US, and it was a high today of 22 degrees (Farenheit), but the wind chill never got above about 12 degrees, F. Tonight will be about 15 degrees, but with the wind, the chill factor will be below +5 degrees F. We are expecting rain Saturday, with temps above freezing, then down in the teens at night with wind chills below 10 degrees F., snow on Sunday, but the bad day will be next Tues., with a high of only 15 degrees F. and a lot of cold wind, followed by snow again on Wednesday. Saturday will be our warmest day, I think, and we might have one other day above 32 degrees F., then dropping to near 0 degrees F. at night. I love snow (if it’s not over 6" or so deep) and I like cold weather (can’t stand the heat anymore) but this is going to be an unusually cold winter. News is saying that well over 1/2 of the US is going to be colder next week than it has been in over 10 years! Australia sounds like it’s either too hot, or it’s flooding, with fires in between! Love the photos I’ve seen from there, but don’t know if I could stand either the heat or the floods! Fortunately, I live in a low mountain range, so we don’t get too many floods, although the lower parts of the roads do flood over from streams and rivers and the huge lake I live a short distance from (less than a kilometer). We’ve had a lot of drought the past 3 years, so really need the snow and rains this winter, even if it is cold!


Here in Chicago, today we received about a foot of snow, temps in the teens all day and windy. More snow for the weekend and then on Monday, the HIGH temp will be -5. That’s not the wind chill, that’s the actual temp expected. :winter::snowing:
SO glad I spent the money on that Eddie Bauer heavy duty, long down coat a couple years ago. :smiley:


IrishRush: Glad you have a warm, long coat in Chicago. That’s truly the windy city and can be an extremely COLD wind in the winter! I have a lightweight insulated jacket for winter, because we don’t usually get THIS cold in winters in Arkansas. This spring I’m going to buy a longer and warmer wool or insulated coat – which means it’ll be quite a few years before I actually need it!

May go to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and see if I can find one soon for a lower price! Also, Burlington Coats is having a sale, so might find one I can afford there. It’s really, really cold with only a short jacket that’s only lightly insulated! Keep warm, and hope your heat/power stays on there!

(When we get a lot of snow or ice here, we usually lose our power lines, leaving us in the dark. I finally bought a Propane stove last winter, which looks like a small fireplace to keep the house warm during those times, as this area is all electric! Have it on tonight – it’s actually warmer than my furnace, and a lot cheaper, since I have 200 gals. of Propane, which usually lasts me for two years – large outside tank)


I guess 119 F being “a bit warm” is like -20 being “a bit chilly.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re heading for another long term drought period. I live close to Brisbane, and we only just scraped through last time. Our main dam got down to 18% capacity, with 10% being the realistic minimum usable capacity, but fortunately we received salvation when it finally rained in late 2008 (not that long after a combined churches day of prayer for rain incidentally).

Then in 2011 we had floods.

Yet the politicians have still done nothing about building another major dam. They were going to build one on the Mary River, but the federal government vetoed that (they decided a bunch of lung fish were more important than the water needs of a couple of million people), and so apart from one new dam servicing my own city called the Wyaralong Dam, nothing more has been done.

In my opinion God saved us last time when the request for rain went up. I don’t think He’ll be quite so accommodating next time, since He’s given us a brain, and expects us to use it. We’ll have had plenty of warning, yet I doubt if we’ll do anything till its too late. We know just how close we came last time, so we won’t be able to plead ignorance.


Stay cool, Bob…:slight_smile:

I have a friend in Brisbane and some of the tales of the heat over there are really scary…:frowning:


Cheer up! If we average you and Bob Crowley, you are both comfortable.:smiley:


It’s hot here, but it’s hotter out west. At least in the coastal regions we get the mediating effects of the ocean. It’s uncomfortable though.

My father used to drive trucks in the Northern Territory after the war, up to the 1950’s. The roads (and trucks) then weren’t what they are now, and it took him four days to dig himself out of a bog once.

However I remember him telling me that they used to have a shower from water that had been stored in above ground tanks, and that they had to wait till about midnight before the water had cooled down enough to have a shower. It was too hot to stand under.


I wouldn’t say that Bob. Just spent 10 days with family on the Queensland coast, now at home about an hour inland. Much lower temps there, but much more humidity. For me, that made the coast way more uncomfortable.


With a good Irish name like Crowley, you and your dad come from good stock…:wink:


Heard on the weather channel that the wind chill in Chicago on Monday night will be
-40 F !!! :winter: Now that’s extreme COLD !!! In NW Arkansas, it will be +5 Monday night, with wind chills of -10 F., which is at least not as dangerous. and it’ll be “0” F. without counting the wind chill on Tuesday night. Expecting rain on Saturday, freezing on Sat. night to ice and 70 - 80% chance of snow after sunset Sat. through Sun. morning. We may not be able to have Mass on Sunday morning if it’s ice under the snow due to the hills and sharp curves here! Should be able to have Vigil Mass on Saturday, before the rain freezes. Snow again on Wednesday – not supposed to be a lot of it, but the last time they (Weather people) said we’d get just an inch or two, we got 12", so I don’t usually believe them. We have no local forecasts, the forecasts come from well over 100 miles away down in the flatlands and I’m in the mountains, and they pretty much don’t get it right here! Hopefully all this rain and snow will help with the summer droughts we’ve had since 2011.


I’ve never been to Ireland, but apparently the Crowley name is fairly common in the south and east??

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